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We at PNTTR produce Military & Police Lapel pins for various Units. ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY..
Could you explain exactly what charities are being supported and clarify what proportion of profits are being sent to army/forces charities? Or are you expecting units to buy in bulk and raise charity funds from the onward selling of your products? It is not obvious from the website.
Without wanting to rain on anyone's parade - you can buy all the tie and lapel pins you want from your own OCA and the proceeds go directly to supporting the needy of your own regiment or corps.
PNTTR Produce 500 lapel pins for a Unit or Force on Request. 250 Pins are given to that Unit for FREE, and the other 250 are sold on our Website for our collectors to purchase. We have produced pins for the AAC & EOD. We are certainly above board and legit.
Nobody is suggesting otherwise, however it is always in the best interest of any unit to consider the OCA or PRI when purchasing items because the profits SHOULD go back to those funds rather than to private individuals. May I respectfully suggest you try selling to individual PRI and OCA shops? At least then you won't have to tout anything on a website?
I am not touting, Just letting collectors know as we are mostly known within the Police Community and most of our customers are serving Officers. We generally only produce Military pins for Units direct & never before displayed them on the Website. We are only too aware of the Cowboys out there and always strive to make sure proceeds go to the respective Charities and not somebodys back pocket.
Touting was not meant to be an insulting term. This is a military site and people do speak plainly - that is all. I've given you a good suggestion there to get in touch with the relevant PRI and OCA shops. If your terms are good (and I can't see why anyone would refuse 250 free pins) then you should do well out of it and get loads of repeat orders.

Start with my OCA (to show my good will)

Home Headquarters
The Queen's Royal Hussars
(The Queen's Own and Royal Irish)
Regent's Park Barracks

Our PRI is at Athlone Bcks, Sennelager.
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