Military knife question.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by irbailey, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Being a knifemaker and all round sad bastard, I've recently been thinking about making a knife suitable for military use and wondered what sort of thing might be required.
    As my experience of the military is limited to being shouted at by a bunch of Jimmy Saville wannabes wearing skin tight '85 combats, 8 hole Doc Martins and puttees whilst in the ACF, I thought I might risk being called a cnut and ask on here.
    Now...I'm well aware that the answer is most likely to be Leatherman tool or similar, but my question is this....What would be the ideal fixed blade military knife? (if there is such a thing)
    Now...before you tell me to fcuk off and die, I'm not thinking about 'combat' or 'survival' knives with sawteeth, DPM sheaths, etc,...I'm pretty thick, but not that thick.
    What I have in mind is a simple knife suitable for general everyday use, doing whatever it might be required to do.
    Any thoughts regarding size, blade shape, handle material, single guard, double guard, no guard, lanyard holes, steel type, sheath type, what it might be used for, etc, would be much appreciated.
    Alternatively, you can call me a never served civvy cnut and tell me to get fcuked...either way, thanks for your time. :)


  2. Its pretty much horses for courses TBH Ian, Lanyard hole will be a must, holding an edge also and strong enough to be used as a pry bar/screwdriver, Ninja throwing knife balance for the bored moments etc..... theres a start! Good luck with your project!

    All the best Ten
  3. Why would you need a knife?
    If you ever get close enough to use one then your fucked.
    If you want one to make you look ally then ask one of those short soldiers from Nepal for one.
    If its for practical purposes like cutting your finger nails or getting splinters out then I recommend the one in this pic
    A 13 inch Bowie knife with Knuckle Duster

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  4. Whatever you come up with make sure it can open bottles and tins. The average tom doesn't need more than a pocket knife.
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  5. I think you've ID'd the problem very well; that the most useful tool for a squaddie is generally going to be a multitool or Swiss Army-type penknife. So what you are left with is the question- what knife is a squaddie really going to want, that they won't get the piss taken for having and might conceivably be of at least some use? It would probably also have to be cheap enough to lose/ break without causing too much distress. I guess the answer will be something along the lines of a Mora Clipper. Maybe Tentoes idea of a stronger blade might be a way to go- something like a down-scaled version of the old survival knife.Or, at risk of sending resident armourers over the edge, think laterally and make a proper sword (some francophiles call them bayonets) - 24" long - to stick on the end of the rifle.
  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    a cross between a small bowieknife and saw
  7. Small, robust, holds an edge. Will be used for cutting string, opening packaging, opening bottles and as an ad hoc pry and screwdriver.

    Ooh, I don't know, perhaps to cut things?

    Yep, fucked I was when I was close enough to the rabbit I was gutting earlier to use a knife. And don't ask about the bit of string I cut to hang said rabbit, savaged me it did.

    I take it you didn't read the bit about him not thinking about a 'combat' knife?
  8. Mora clippers are good knives for field dressing quarry but the edge won't hold up to heavy duty work.

    A good all rounder is the Kershaw Field knife.

    One of these with a bottle opener on the top would be ideal

  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I used a MOD survival knife that belonged to my old man when he was in and a Swiss Army Woodsmen with a lockable serrated blade - two screw drivers and an awl for fiddly bits.

    Thing about knives is that a lot of people go and buy something very expensive and then don't use it much because they don't to mess it up. Far better to get something you can dig holes with, chop wood and if it breaks get another.

    BFO Kukri is nice for bush/jungle but I really liked and found the MOD knife - they should bin the bayonet and issue every infantryman with one - far more useful.
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    Like this ..... Greenman Bushcraft | Fallkniven F1 Swedish Survival Knife

    For me it would be a hard wood Handel full tang approx 3/16 inch thick & 4 1/4 inch long , the Blade 3 3/4 inch long with a depth of 1 3/4 inch .... it looks short but tuff and keeps its edge after loads of abuse ! The blade needs to be dull and not polished .

    Knife has lanyard hole then a Green stiff Canvas sheath - knife is secured with a rubber style band pulled over the handle
  11. Personally, I rather like the Grohmann boatknife which was standard issue to the Canadian Forces during the 70's and 80's, a superior allround blade in my opinion.
  12. What about a decent bushcraft knife with a hollow handle that will fit a multitool snugly so it won't rattle around?
  13. Utility knife (comes with its own trailer)

    SBS Underwater Knife-fighting course passing-out knife:
  14. Trouble is, there is just no need for a nice knife is there? In all my rufty-tufty aventures, including trying to catch four-legged MacDonalds in the jungle, I found that all I ever needed was a cheap disposable hobby knife with snap-off blades for anything that needed a sharp edge (sewing, gutting, self-mutilation, etc) and a machete/kukri/golok for anything that involved hacking at trees.

    I'm sure any well-thought out knife will sell, but I'm equally sure that most of them will spend their time alongside the survival kit tin, hammock, water purifyers and other weighty kack back in the billet...

    Hollow handle for definite; preferably combined with a polycarbonate grip that is capable of floating the knife - like some of the aircrew/lifeboat survival knives.
  15. handel-tile300.jpg

    I think that's definitely a fetish to be honest.
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