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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by phil37, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. I recently returned from a long course to find that my locker had been broken into and a holdall stolen.
    Most of the items were 1157 ones such as helmet, combats, boots, etc as well as some tools.
    The RMPs investigated and have given me a Crime Reference Number.

    With respect to replacements, how does the QM dept deal with stolen kit - would an insurance claim need to be made or would the Crime Reference Number be enough to get re-issues?
  2. Back in my day, you'd go diffy and like it. If you find out who did it, do break their fingers, thieving bastards.
  3. time to patrol the drying room
  4. I believe you have to purchase the 1157 items stolen, then get a a copy of the P1954 for the insurance company, which you submit with the crime reference number and photos of the same or similar tools stolen with prices.
  5. Same with mine - if you still have the boxes/instructions for the other items that will help. Not forgetting to find the thieving kunt and either get the twat thrown out and/or make sure the ******* fingers no longer work. We have had a thief here who was caught at the weekend - lets hope he is done for all the kit & cash that's gone missing and is thrown out with some civvy time on top.
  6. The QM doesn't deal with it, you do, under your insurance policy (unless you have a very friendly QM).

    I believe you are now asked for the pay statement where you are billed, this changed when they realised people were filling in the hard copy P1954 and sending it off without submitting it to the QM.

    Of course you can't do both, get free replacements AND claim on the insurance, that would be fraudulent, wouldn't it? :blush:

    P.S. Hope you catch the cnut.
  7. That's the badger - Unless the item were purchased from a private supplier that might have cost more ;-)
  8. You will have to go diffy it, thats the reason for kit insurance after all. In addition to your pay statement it's good admin to get a copy of the P1954 or a JPA print out as this is how your billed. You should also note that dependant on the kit your diffy depends on how you are billed.

    Failing that just by it cheap off ebay!
  9. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Or alternatively, ask around. There's always one lad on camp whos cupboard looks like the QM's store room during a Board of Officers and who'll help out for a price... (Of course, that's highly illegal and is in no way condoned by myself)......
  10. Can anyone advise whether most kit insurance policies increase the monthly premiums after a claim, like with car insurance?
  11. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It's a known fact that all premiums will increase regardless if you claim or not. I've seen mine increase the last couple of years and I've never made a single claim.

    I have a claim that I started after tour due to stuff going missing on the way back, but it's like fighting an uphill struggle.

    "Do you have the receipt?"
    "No, it's about five years old."
    "Do you have a bank transfer to show the payment made?"
    "No, see above reason."
    "Do you have a picture of yourself with the item in question?"
    "What the **** do you think I do of an evening? No, I do not."

    They'll also make you feel like a criminal during your telephone interviews. Make sure your story is 100% watertight and DO NOT tell them different versions. Stick to one version from start to finish.

    "So, were you there when the containers were offloaded from the ship?"
    "Eh... No...."
    "Where was the ship unloaded?"
    "How the f**k am I supposed to know that!?"
    "So you weren't able to keep an eye on your kit at all times?"
  12. JBI kit insurance sorted me out very rapido after my laptop and mp3 + a few other bits got totalled after contact with the RAF. Sent a jpeg of said items and they sorted out a shinny new laptop and dosh to cover the mp3 thingy. Premiums didn't change because of claim. (They might if you lose your complete 1157 every month though.)
  13. Can you not get then free in these circumstances as the army was negligent
  14. Nope - You could have carried it yourself and you can usually claim money back for MFO/comfy boxes. (Normally covers the average cost of insurance.)
  15. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    No, you're slightly off on that one. You have the MFO system because of weight restrictions coming back on the aircraft. You're more than covered for having stuff in MFO frieght and the reason you get the one-way unaccompanied baggage allowance is to offset the extra cost you'd be paying for the insurance on that or to help pay towards any excess charge on a claim (£50 for me on Abacus).

    The Army wasn't negligent, the insurers just want to find out your position at every possible point of contact along the route. Most of my answers were; "Don't know." "Can't remember." which they were happy with, but you do feel like a criminal all the same.

    Remember when speaking to them that they are civilian and will not have an understanding of what you do or how it happens. That was certainly my experience anyway.