Military Kit In Civvie Street...

Does no-one here hate seeing military kit word by civilians in the streets. You see ghastly little kids of six or seven running about in camouflage trousers and those silly waistcoat-things and worse huge blubbery arrses of sixteen with three chins wearing DPM trousers...bloody awful.
Hate it, when it's foreign issue or from our American 'fatherland' it's just annoying but yobs in British kit is just insulting.
And no...I'm not talking about our actual soldiers I'm strictly pissed off with mouthy little wannabes who get some sort of power-trip off this stuff and act like fat Rambos.
Rant over.
I could be wrong, if i am then I'll doubtless get laid into again.

Meh, just how i feel...

...and tattooed, pierced twats with beer guts and ponytails wearing dpm trousers and heavy metal t-shirts. Why do they always wear German para boots? Is it because the laces make a handy lead for their dogs?
its cause there cheap. worked at a daycentre for down and outs sometimes looked like the german army had serious problems :p
its not like anyones going to buy combat highs is it :twisted:
Don't forget those blokes with the up for cast Landie 90's, still in the lovely brush paint job, (I once did one in gloss green, but thats another story).
There's one round by me, big wheels, wading kit, FFR by the local CB shop. Essential kit to go down the offy with. And the weedy little chap who drives it has got one of those horrible DPM fleeces.
Talking of fat arses in combats, why do these obese 16 year old birds think displaying their pierced waxy bellies is a turn on? Christ, even I wouldn't do em :(
It doesn't annoy me that much because I'm a gunsmith and a lot of the rough shooters wear dpm for that, but the thing that makes me laugh the most is when you see some of the arrseholes wearing nbc suits, what a bunch of fcking knobs, who would buy an nbc suit to wear?
Oh, sorry...

...My bad, I'm getting an ex-army landrover. No not to be a rambo, no not to drive to the office but because the things are cheap as anything from the auction in Norfolk and I don't want a sissy little thing where I have to worry about getting dents and the like.
If you get a dent in a landrover or if it ends up plastered in mud then it dosen't matter, also, if someone crashes into you they tend to come off worse.
Mine will be minus the CB m'larkey and the goofy wheels but I'll have the snorkel on the air-intake. I'll hang myself before buying a DPM fleece though.

No, haven't the foggiest idea about the girls...then again I don't know many like that...most of the girls I know ride, shoot and have daddies with big wallets.
Dammit I wish I could get as much as money out of my parents as they do! 8O

personally I fancy that spartan ideal for pissing Eubank off :lol:
funnist think I ever saw was a civi humvee with full expedition kit outside
west hampstead tube I mean why 8)
Humvees are stupid anyway...can't stand the things.

Ugly contraptions, too damn big too.

...reminds me of those aforementioned 'laterally gifted' girls with the peircings, horrid. :evil:

Caught one of my Territorials going to work 'tactical' one day - he even had his lunch in his respirator haversack. CSM and myself pissed ourselves laughing as we searched through QRs and MML looking for a suitable charge.

Seriously though the reason there is a shortage of C95 trousers would appear to be the fact that half the toerags in Newcastle seem to be wearing them. Some QM somewhere must be making a fortune selling this kit on.
I could care less seeing someone wearing DPM. What grips my sh!t is seeing smelly student types wearing regimental items like mess kit jackets with badges of rank and insignias as fashion items without knowing or caring what they mean. Those items have to be earned and to me it is an insult to see people wearing jackets with stripes or pips and crowns and regimental collars etc on when they may just as well be on the next "ban the bomb" demo or hovelled up in some student hole somewhere smoking dope.

An American comic called George Carlin once commented on people wearing military kit in the street. He said that if everyone who wore combat trousers and/or jackets were press ganged into service the practice would soon end. Perhaps that's the solution?
Shotgun said:
It doesn't annoy me that much because I'm a gunsmith and a lot of the rough shooters wear dpm for that, but the thing that makes me laugh the most is when you see some of the arrseholes wearing nbc suits, what a bunch of fcking knobs, who would buy an nbc suit to wear?
Shotgun, you've just embarrassed me !! Back in 1983 I was a scooter boy. One weekend I was on the way to Newark on a rally, dressed from head to toe in an old NBC suit (the ones without the green canvass covering). I can still remember pulling into a service station, and a minibus pulling up along side us. Out got what can only be described as SNCO's in civvies (judging by their dress, etc). They were all laughing and finger pointing ! I couldn't understand why they were doing this, until I joined up, and realised what a goof ball I must have looked. I must admit though, I wore it because it kept me warm. As soon as the CO's get the photos section up and running again, I'll post a pic of me pre-army, head to toe in NBC kit !!
I went to a wedding this weekend, i was a usher and it was a mil wedding in No 1s. Could i get a set of No 1s to fit me....... i went to 3 Regts to find some and all three regiments said " If you go to the tailors shop on camp they have sets that you can hire out, £30 A WEEKEND".

No f****ing way i said.
£30 is outrageous. I think the point he's trying to make is WHY should he pay for what is essentially an obtainable and issueable piece of uniform.

..oh, ok. Sorry.

Then again why does it take so long to get hold of issue kit? Surely the trusty RLC or whoever's responsibility can post the damn stuff?

Yup, saw one on the ferry back from France...

...that and a six-year-old boy heat-to-toe in an urban-camouflage jacket and trousers and scabby white trainers.



To turn the thread about faced!
what about the squaddies that wear ciivie stuff with uniform? I dont mean stuff that works and does a decent job, the stuff that looks" cool" but serves no meaningful purpose.
and i thought iwas sad wearing me softie or buffalo round town
but at least i never gone out in full desert kit and shades i i saw some guy doing skool girls were pissing themselves with laughter
re tricked out landies old bloke round here drives a disabled scotter covers with a dpm poncho dpm waterproofs front and back bins full of stuff looks like a recce vechicle for cripples :D

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