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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Red7, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m interested in making the move over to Military Intelligence as a new detachment has opened near me, now assuming I pass Selection what can I expect to be doing on training nights/weekends?

    The only exposure I’ve had to the MI has been 3rd hand stuff from Ex Salvo and that seemed pretty interesting. That said, once MATTs are out of the way does training lean towards intelligence activities or basic soldering skills?

    I’ve had my fill of Infantry for a while, so I’m trying to steer clear of doing platoon attacks in a different shade of beret. I've had a quick search around on the forum and can't really find anything of relevance.

  2. Narrow it down a little. Give the readers a fighting chance. What is your current rank and role?
  3. try the int corps forum, you'll see various threads in there that might help.
  4. It's an oxymoron :D

    I will get my coat... :oops:
  5. What you'll be doing on drill nights will be down to local commanders - although, if it's any reassurance, drill nights aren't wasted, and are often trade-related ... what area of the country are you in?

    What you'll be doing on weekends will, again, partly depend on the specific role of your coy, although depending on your experience, in addition to the coy trade w/e's, expect the usual plethora of field, driving, AT and MATTs w/e's, and of course, courses. However, to answer your second question, on top of MATTs, your training will largely lean towards trade skills and exercises [that, again, was a sweeping assumption, as I don't know which is your nearest coy].

    As ever, standard advice applies - Speak to them. You'll most probably be invited to a drill night [although if it's new, I wouldn't expect too much]. If it's a new det, expect it to only take up a few offices and classroom(s) in the corner of a TAC. If you can, speak to the soldiers (new and old) as well as the recruiter, to help gauge what to expect, and whether it's what you're after.

    There are some great opportunities, and it's definitely worth a shufti, but why exactly did you want to transfer? - solely because you're tired of the Infantry isn't a very scintillating reason by itself ...
  6. Red7 is ex-Exeter OTC. I suspect the question is more 'what does a 2Lt do in the Int core' than what trades are available. Given that the Int core needs a certain aptitude for, er, gathering Int; I suspect that Red7 isn't particularly well suited to the role.
  7. milkandcheese,

    Just a quick dose of education - although Corps as in Int Corps is pronounced core it s spelt Corps.

  8. Eat the apple, leave the Corps...

    Old T shirt slogan from NI in the 1970s!
  9. I've been on another thread about kit, and have seen what Int corps wear. Are you really sure you want to have to wear their mess kit?

    Int Corps Mess dress
  10. That is an excellent point, although it can be carried off with a devil may care attitude and a certain panache


    Corpse. Right. Got you, cheers.