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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by duggan123, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Alright all,
    Im new to this forum and i was just wondering if theres any Military Intelligence sections in london and what is the intelligence section for 1 mechanized brigade?

  2. I'm getting my popcorn and soda ready;this should be a good one!!
  3. Negligent-Discharge

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    Get a taxi to the In and Out Club and ask for THE Major and wink knowingly at Harry or Paul on the desk. Otherwise, nip down to Horseguards and wait. You must carry a Daily Telegraph, folded between pages 5 and 6, Please report back on your findings.
  4. The section is the group of intelligencers responsible for helping the commander make his decisions. No need to thank me.
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  10. HHH

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    If you don't know, you wouldn't be much use to them in Military Intelligence, now would you?
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  13. cpunk

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    Oddly enough I used to command the Int Section at 1 Bde, but I can't remember just now what it was called... maybe if you crossed my palm with silver?
  14. Oh Come on Boys lets help the poor chap here - he may well think we're trying to put him off !

    The Military Intelligence Section for London is known as MI-2 and goes under the codename of HOPLITE. It is located in the Henry VIII Suite in Horseguards, next door to the Major General Commanding the Household Division.

    Visitors are generally welcomed by appointment which can be gained by writing to the OC HOPLITE, Horseguards, Whitehall, London and leaving the letter in the boot of the right hand Mounted Trooper from the Household Cavalry Regiment.
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  15. Brutal! You could tell him the section numbers/names because by the time you've hit 'enter' they will have changed anyway.