Military Intelligence Operator

Hey guys, completely new to this forum so go easy on me please.

Iv recently started the process of joining the Army and Iv got my final interview with the sergeant major tommorow. I have put my 1st choice as a Military Intelligence Operator.

Is there any Military Intelligence Operator's who can tell me what its like in the job and most importantly, if they are kept active in what they do e.g. physically as-well as mentally, and tell me if they enjoy it? And if they are given many opportunity's to prove themselves, and lastly, if promotion possibility's are good?

I know it might be a silly question but I really need to know. Im shitting myself that I might be making the wrong choice. I need to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about since my local Army recruitment office isnt being VERY forthcoming.

Thank you for your time.
Opportunities for promotion? Not with your spelling and grammar. The plural of possibility is possibilities and 'Military Intelligence Operator's' (sic) are only ever possessive about their drinks.
MIO? Is that a trade in the corps is it? i wasnt aware. I always thought it was OPMI? You sound like you know more than me.

Ignore us kid. The army is always on the lookout for people with your qualities. As my learned friends suggests, you aren't that good as spelling and grammar now are you? But dont panic, i've got a mate in the RLC says they are on the look out for top notch Petroleum Operators. Go on son, i believe in you

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