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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ReadySalted, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello.
    I'm 17, and currently in the TA. I'm looking (and have been for some time now), to join the regular army, and after alot of thinking, I have three jobs in mind that I wish to apply for: Royal Military Policeman, Royal Eng. Electrician, and Military Intelligence Operator. I'm (by far) most interested in the latter, and am looking for advice and a bit more of an insight into this job, than the ArmyJobs.mod website offers.

    Also, I have a brother who is an officer, and another at university who is hoping to become an officer, it was also my ambition to become an officer until I dropped out of college after a year last summer. I am slightly concerned that eventually being a soldier, having two brothers in the officers mess, as so to speak, will be a pain in the arrse. Is there anybody else in a similar position, and does it really matter at all?
    Many Thanks.
  2. It is a fair enough point to worry about the whole officer-ranker divide. Your brothers are your brothers, you should really be able to beat them up as much as you could before without fearof being charged. I would say however that you should consider college again, seeing as you have until you are 25 to get free qualifications according to the government and then trying uni, I wish I had. I am a direct entrant soldier and am now 25, considering a career break in order to get those uni quals I want. It maybe something you regret.

    And in this Corps there are A LOT of guys who join as soldiers with full degrees, masters even, who haven't the face nor ability to be officers in other Corps, and then still fail parts of OPMI 3 training! You're in the TA now so see if there is an Int place near you that you can join, good experience either way.

    Some may say also mate that the job for soldiers in the Int Corps is far more interesting than the more management led roles of our officers.

    Some points to a ponder. Good luck.

    P.S. There's something wrong with me today because I usually take the piss big style... I haven't today... 8O
  3. I remember a major's daughter that worked in the NAAFI. She was not encouraged to bring boys home to meet mummy and daddy so she used to visit her boyfriend(s) in theirs. It got so bad (or good) that the ord officer was asked to "escort her home" after her evening shift.
    She didn't see it as a problem, why should you. If your brother has similar hangups well that is his problem.
  4. Cool. Fair one. Thanks.
  5. I say! Did you find the other side of the bed? Not one bit of piss taking...not even a 'look a the stickies'. You need to call the MRS chap.
  6. I know, frankly it is quite worrying! I'm off to the physio today, maybe she can sort me out!
  7. I agree with loony bin. Int officers tend to spend most of their time doing admin stuff, pretending to know stuff about G2 and being grabbed by other staff officers because they dont.

    Best you join the corps as a Tom, enjoy some good postings and tours and aim for an LE job in 18 - 20 years time!
  8. Why, does she do extras?
  9. I think he's slipping Howayman. You keep him talking, I'll get the van.
  10. My daughter is about to go to selection and her afco have told her she will have to attend a specialist interview if she is succesful at selection as she wants to join the int corps. They constantly ask her to give second choices for other jobs but my husband and i have told her to stick to her guns as this is what she wants and they will only fob her off with her second choices. She is only 17 will be 18 in two months, she is currently learning pashto off her own back but the afco have also said that the int corps generally like older people to join and she now feels that she is at a massive disadvantage because of her age. Can anyone give her any advice as to what she can do to prepare for her forthcoming interviews please
  11. Be straight. Don't go in with an "it's this and nothing else" attitude. Instead just be honest that this is the career she wishes to aim for. I knew a few 18 year olds who joined the Corps. Yes there were some older direct recruits but most direct recruits were late teens and early twenties. The real old folk tended to be those transferring in.

    If she has an aptitude for foreign languages and is a team player then sure, she's in with a chance. So long as she realises it isn't all glamour. In fact most of it is very mundane.
  12. I'm quite out of date, but I would guess that recruiters may still have variable targets to meet in terms of what jobs / roles Mr Army needs to fill each month.

    If the Intelligence Corps is over-subscribed and the Dental Corps or Short Range Desert Group are short, the recruiters may push recruits to the latter, as opposed to the former.

    If there is a waiting list for the first choice, the potential recruit could become de-motivated waiting for a place on the next available intake.

    Perhaps a member of this community close to the small Int Corps recruiting branch could PM you with the recruiter's phone number at Directorate Intelligence Corps ?
  13. I joined 20 years ago at 18 and two months and was accepted as being as good as my peers. There are some posts later in the career path where, with good reason, they like you to have maturity, both mental and physical, but we are only talking 25+ after all.

    I feel if this is what she wants to do then she should stick to her guns, but as Subby says there may be a wait involved if the Int Corps are currently oversubscribed. It will seem like ages but will not be that long I imagine.

    Better the wait than join some inferior mob - she has excellent taste!

    I never matured by the way! :lol:
  14. If she really wants to be a Soldier in the Corps she should definitely wait for vacancy to come up. The Corps as a whole is a mixture of direct entrants, transferees, the old, the young, the intellectually brilliant and the most street sharp she will ever meet.

    It is a big melting pot - or gene puddle as the less charitable would say.
  15. is her learning pashto now, an advantage that will go down well do u think ? she has an aptitude for learning languages and in twenty mins yest mastered all the colours, numbers and a few phrases