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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ReadySalted, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello.
    I'm 17, and currently in the TA. I'm looking (and have been for some time now), to join the regular army, and after alot of thinking, I have three jobs in mind that I wish to apply for: Royal Military Policeman, Royal Eng. Electrician, and Military Intelligence Operator. I'm (by far) most interested in the latter, and am looking for advice and a bit more of an insight into this job, than the ArmyJobs.mod website offers.

    Also, I have a brother who is an officer, and another at university who is hoping to become an officer, it was also my ambition to become an officer until I dropped out of college after a year last summer. I am slightly concerned that eventually being a soldier, having two brothers in the officers mess, as so to speak, will be a pain in the arrse. Is there anybody else in a similar position, and does it really matter at all?
    Many Thanks.
  2. why dont you join the infantry?
  3. I have three friends in the infantry, who really dislike their jobs, and are hoping to leave at the end of their 3 years. Also, I did enquire about the Welsh Guards, however the Army careers office suggested, Engineers, and then RMP after my BARB test. I mean no disrespect to the Infantry, whose galantry I aspire to, but I'm trying to decide between the three jobs I have mentioned.
  4. You should have got job briefs for your choices after your BARB?
    I did..
  5. Better to Post this in the Intelligence Corp Forum.