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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Cognitive, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. I am intending to join the Int Corps as an Operator Military Intelligence, however I have a query... I ask that you forgive me for my civilian naivety. When it comes to joining the Corps, do you have a choice in Batallions and if you do what Batallion would you personally recommend (and why?) if any? I've attempted internet research and I've browsed the Int Corps Forum, however the information I have gathered is relatively limited so I decided my best option is to post here and ask.

    Thank you in advance for any help and advice!
  2. Well deciding the correct spelling of battalion would be a good starter for ten.

    In case this isn't a wah I will try and be vaguely sensible in answering this. In essence you can choose where to be posted throughout your career and so in theory you could ask to join the battalion of your choice.

    In terms of which is the best one to join - that really depends on you to be honest. You need to ask yourself what you're good at and where you want to go. Given that you haven't even joined up yet I would suggest that it is a bit early to be asking don't you? I'll stick with basics for the time being - ask for 2 or 4 Battalion if you like being in the UK, want to do the same old things with your spare time as you do in Civdiv and fcuk off back to mummy every weekend. If you joined the Army to drink, have a lot of laughs with your mates and travel, then your posting preference should read 1 MI Battalion.
  3. Seconded, and if you like whores and not breaking the law then it's 1 MI all the way!
  4. Likewise driving insanely fast in hideously powerful (but reasonably priced) tax free motors.
  5. Additionally, if you like working for cynical old sage's, then 1 MI is the one for you, eh Combatintman!
  6. Eye_spy - Phew - I thought you were going to associate me with knocking shops for a minute!! Anyway this cynical old sage will not be leading the juniors astray in Germany for much longer. I have the joys of Catterick to look forward to by all accounts from Sep/Oct this year.
  7. I am gobsmacked to find that you are still serving! I remember you being so cynical, I never thought you would serve a full career.

    Reading your posts recently made me think you had retired to some quiet backwater.

    Oh, you have. :roll:
  8. Catterick is for winners mate. Been here four years now, only another three to go lol!