Military (improvised) Toys

Right, we have the thread with nostalgic memories of our favourite scaled SLR, sticky dart/spud/water pistol from our distant childhood, but what happened when Mother decided that guns etc are only used by bad people :roll: and would only grudgingly allow you a shite 10p dayglow green waterpistol from the corner shop :evil: ? A child has a right to play cowboys n indjuns, kill Nazis/Argies/Monsters under the bed/Tentacled Aliens/Girls for goodness sake!!!!!

This results in the use of many pints of creative juices and long hours by torch light to create a home-made 'illegal' arrsenal to defend your bedroom or back garden against the enemies of humanity.

My own creations from memory:

Handy pistol shaped sticks,
Handy Y shaped sticks for catapults,
Grid of plastic softball rackets snapped carefully to resemble weapon of choice,
Bamboo blowpipe,
Lego crossbow (lethal with biros),
Biro tube with looped elastic band for firing drinking straws across classroom (from the days we had milk & biccies breaks at school),
Hand made pistol crossbow (wood/metal/bungie cord, even more lethal with biros).

And to think that soon it will be impossible (if not already) to by your kid a decent cap gun thanks to El come on was anybody else a budding weaponsmith as a lad/lass :D
Upping the ante a bit but...a good rubber band and a bag of small u-nails, excellent for taking out the old style street lights and useful in removing eyesight actually makes me cringe a bit now but I'm pretty sure it was good fun at the time!
Peg guns, ouch and dutch arrows
I'm told I got banned from going to play at one house for making guns out of lego :lol:

Always had capguns etc lying around, and was shooting supervised with a .22air rifle when 10, so never needed had anything unauthorised. It was only when I got to 16 that Mum had a thing about guns, however by then it was too late.
French Arrows and shanties(catapults) dont know why they were called shanties
‘CO2 sparklet insanity’ – Aged 5, decided to chuck a soda stream CO2 sparklet in the fire to watch it melt. Resulting bang split the back of the fireplace and blew out the fire. Shrapnel embedded into the fire guard. Put me into shock!

'Bolt bombs' - 2 six inch coach bolts, with a nut holding the 2 together. Cavity filled with paper caps and screwed as tight as you dared. Will embed bolt right into a brick wall (oh my god were we really that stupid!).

'Fire extinguisher bolo' - small rubber sink plug and larger one from a bath, held together with 30cm of string. Will fit nicely into the neck of a CO2 fire extinguisher. Perfect for taking out cyclists from a third floor window.

'Cocoa tin surprise' - spoonful of water in a tin left on the gas. Retreat rapidly!

'Crow scarer booby trap' - rigged as a booby trap with flashbulb and clothes peg. My mate and I spent 6 months booby-trapping each other’s lockers and desks before we decided to quit whilst we were ahead!

I still have all my fingers.
Step 1: Obtain tesco value coke/lemonade
Step 2: Remove Cap
Step 3: Cover opening with hand
Step 4: Shake vigorously
Step 5: Throw to ground so it lands on its side
Step 6: FLEE!

12p worth of fun :D
Croque_Monsieur said:
Dutch arrows?
Dutch arrows are were green stick....dart flight one end.....sharpen one end and balance weight with sellotape.....piece of string wrapped at tail end and hold string and front end of arrow........throw, with string acting like a sling.......they go feckin miles..........(not at all popular with local PC, Birmingham circa 1976)

tennis ball (new)
several boxes of matches
sharp pointy thing


Make hole in tennis ball just big enough to stick in a match
Break off match heads into tennis ball (discard stick bits), until tennis ball is full. This takes time. Get the kid who is desperate to be in your gang to do this.
Find a large expanse of concrete (say for example, the playground)
Stand in a circle and bounce the ball to each other as hard as you can.

... when you see smoke - peg it.
Chinese Throwing (Death) Stars made out of sheet steel in Metalwork.........

I remember one lesson when the teacher went out for about 5 minutes.... (cue much throwing of said "Death Stars") only to return through the door to have an inbound Death Star inbed itself in the door frame - 3 inches from his head. He gulped, turned around and went straight back out.

This was a very 'special' school........ 8O
C_M: surely being French the only military toys you were improvising involved sticks and white handkerchiefs? And then when you got bigger did you upgrade to hockey sticks with white pillowcases attached?

Pillager said:
Drain pipe spud guns!

Piezo lighters + Drainpipe + deoderant + potato = angry cows in next door field!

We did this with frozen oranges ...... after it put real dents and cracks in the breeze block wall we were firing at we let the cows off .......

Yes i was soft in my younger days :)

Aaaah, death stars, I had forgotten them!!

Cut off a large slice off the tip of my right index finger with tin snips making one of those in tech class...

Made mine out brass with a hole in the middle into which I hammered roofing lead, for that extra oompf! Remember having fun chucking it at the fibreboard wall of the scout leaders office one evening, he was impressed when it went through (note impressed, not pissed off).
Raid 'geek' chemistry teacher's storeroom whilst your mates batter some young mong as a diversion. Remove the following:

1. Jar of sodium
2. Jar of magnesium
3. Anything that looks like it will go bang.

Keepy-uppy with a large chunk of sodium most amusing. Not as amising as getting the school mong to go and chuck said lump of sodium (wrapped in magnesium) into the local stream - cue nuc-like explosion and a one burnt/battered school mong
How about the humble stone, the mastery of nature was never crueller.

I got lumped in the back of the head by a stone during a good chucking game, OUCH
You can't beat the old tampering with fireworks sketch.......

Mini rockets in drainpipes aimed like a Bazooka
Multiple Air Bomb fireworks (ignited simultaneously) left outside someones house - broke a few windows with that one.


Cans of deodorant on the bonfire... or lighter gas canisters if you're into the bigger bang.
1. Bonfire/any high heat source.
2. Scaffold pole (stopped at one end).
3. Ammo (imagination needed here, only limited by bore of pole). Fave was squash ball filled with thunderflash powder. Turds, but this is a one-off.
4. Cold Start cartidge(s).

In goes Cold Start & ammo. Place end in bonfire, point business end at MT SNCO's office window (or any suitable victim/target).

Retire to hangar (retaining eyes on), look busy. BOOM. Fat tw@t runs out panicking. Firer whistles at ceiling. Result.

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