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Having read and laughed at/with many of the anecdotes published in various forums (fora?) I would like to assemble and publish a book of selected items. All profits would go to the charity/cause chosen by ARSSE vote. I have already contacted the Auld Sapper about the stories of him and his dog - hilarious, and there seems to be a sustained humorous element to even the worst of situations.
My company publishes some military history titles (see but we have so far concentrated on the serious and factual. It is time we contributed - so if you have any ideas please PM me or contact me on
David Westwood
This was done in depth sometime in the past on ARRSE.
I believe it was 'Only jokes a Squaddy could understand', got an idea that I may have started it .


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Yes, but I want to stick all the good stuff together in a book so that HfH or someone can benefit - and a lot of people will enjoy the humour which comes out of normal and abnormal (for want of an adjective) situations.
Will anyone knowing of good stories/threads please put them up as reminders please.

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