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The furniture we've had from stores over the last 20 years is 'functional'. Some of it even looks ok, and is reasonably comfortable, but you're never going to win a 'Better Homes & Gardens' competition with it in your gaff. It's great to get you in, and then decide what you actually want to buy (or to wait for sales), but if you're handing any back during your time in the quarter (ie, at an interim time before you move out), make sure the scale (fully-/partly-/un-furnished) is recalculated, and if you're due a reduction in rent, that it's applied. We got ripped off by DIO for 6 years on overcharge of rented furniture (my own fault for not checking) and then they would only redeem the current years charges when challenged.

As far as cleanliness, a major factor is how long since the previous tenants moved out. Much-out standard is generally very high, and rigorously applied, but if a quarter is subsequently vacant for a lengthy period, any cleaning done by DIO (if any at all) is liable to be pretty slap-dash.
Thank you, very helpful! I will be definitely be keeping an eye out!
I think the modern furniture is pretty decent these days. By decent, I mean reasonably modern and well made.


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I'm reading this thread with a certain amount of awe. It all sounds very like my last married quarter furniture and I left in 1981. Must be almost antique by now.
Yes the Furniture is Modern „Antiique“, and IF? you have provenance? Then you would have the same shit you had THEN! :)
What everybody else has said, but I'll add, you do not 'move in', it's called 'march in' (no, there is no stampy feet and swinging arms, it's the terminology) and when you leave it's it's called a 'march out.'

The standard of cleanliness of the previous 'march out' should be very high and you will be expected to keep that high standard when you leave.

There will be a number of bods at the place when you arrive, any damage or discrepencies can be sorted then. Once you get in the swing of it, it's all quite straight forward.

Good luck.

Its pot luck, some places are very good, others (like Aldershot) are totally shit.
This furniture is definitely not ikea flatpack. It is very sturdy and has been around since the 50s

I seem to recall a reset mid 90s, I remember moving into a pad in Cyprus, 96 ish and being quite impressed, better than the shite in BAOR anyways...

Hate to say I am a tad out of date, others may have a more recent opinion...

As is shown in a readers wives search, SFA furniture was mostly designed in the 60s & 70s
It was based on cheap and cheerful but ideally fairly rugged designs. The contract specifications went right down to construction methods, so what was generic and cheap with 60s/70s construction methods became unique, labour intensive and pricey as modern methods changed.
Some items such as sofas, beds etc were respecified in the 90s & 2000s, and were less stringent on exactly how they are constructed
When I was last involved at around 2013-2015 the contract sponsors were reviewing specifications again to keep designs up to date, less ‘unique’ and aiming for methods that stay up to date and allow for refurbishment and repairs.
(Safety and fire standards are kept up to date)

@thehbic as you are only taking some pieces of MoD furniture pay attention to the furniture element of your rent. There are 3 levels - fully, part and unfurnished. If you take only a couple of items then you can get more for ‘free’ if you keep within the points limit of part furnished

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