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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Darthspud, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. YES , part of basic military neccesity

  2. No , the NHS is the way forward

  3. NO , all our wounded should be there for abuse(Birmingham)

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  1. I know this subject has been touched upon , however....
    Watching BBC Spotlight tonight (West country version)

    Small article(sorry no link found) about the Grandfather of a soldier from Crediton killed in IRAQ

    Grandfather Coffey(?) is starting a petition to have British Military Hospitals re-opened/re-instituted

    He feels that the Government are seriously under-reporting the scale of requirement and that it can all be kept quiet / spun to look like Squaddies wanting preferential treatment.

    Now is it me , or does there seem to be a slight opening for some pressure from the members of ARRSE.

    Come on, we helped an ex=serving Gurkha be granted Citizenship, surely we can get this on the political landscape?

    I know i've mentioned this subject, and i will continue to bang on about it,
    lets be honest, for those of us old enough to remember them they were decently run Hospitals that served H.M. Forces and the local communities.

    MoD official response , HM Hospitals not required as all military needs are met by NHS

    Specialists(of all disciplines) should be gathered for the military
    H.M forces should not have to travel to an over-worked NHS FACILITY ,

    Sorry if this seems like a bit of a rant ,
    This is too much of an issue and something we must get behind
  2. HMGov claim that the hospitals were closed as they lacked specialist skills.

    I will say this once, here, load and clear. everything else relating to defence cuts n the past 20 years this is a LIE to cover a financial decision.
  3. To be honest, they shouldn't have bloody closed in the first place. They are sitting there empty (Except for at least one case, where it is fully equipped bar people) and should be used for the purpose that they where designed for.

    Its the NHS that isn't fit for purpose.
  4. Just a thought for the 'old & bold' amongst us
    How many of you and yours wouldn't be around now if these Hospitals had been closed in 1975/76?

    How many of us would be walking around without places like HEDLEY COURT?

    How many PAD Brats wouldn't of been born without places like BMH Hannover, RAF Wegberg , RAF Rinteln , RAF Ely, R.N. Haslar?

    H.M Forces are all too poorly paid, this is one part of the covenant between our masters and the forces which should not be allowed to fall prey to accountants decisions and political machinations to placate unions.
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Only been in BMH twice [lucky me] and both for routine medical reasons.

    Couldn't really fault anything, not left on trolley in corridor, wouldn't have objected if appointments were delayed because the staff had to deploy to do battlefield work ...

    We need BMH more than ever, thanks to Bliar's involvement in "More Wars".
  6. Been a guest in British Military Hospitals in Hannover, Woolwich, Catterick, Belfast, Rawton, Akrotiri and Aldershot. :(

    Been treated in a few NHS hospitals up & down the country and been a guest in a couple of German civvy hospitals. :cry:

    The cleanest hospitals of all were the BMHs and they were the only place where I felt I was understood and took precedence over someones shift pattern. The staff in Musgrave Park were excellent. :D

    And yes, if I was a horse I'd have been put down by now :D
  7. December 17th 1977 Military Hospital Colchester closed down.

    That night of the 17th, myself and a duty doctor both RAMC on duty..and the hospital did not have anyone admitted...approx 11pm at night a local GP arrives at reception (WITH MALE PATIENT) wanting to admit this elderly man, terminal and only a few days to live.......MOD informed the duty MO no civillians to be admitted.....after approx 1 hour argument over the phone between GP and MOD..old man died in reception during argument!!!!
  8. ... well the DefCom Inquiry that is dealing with this issue CLICKY HERE has just been extended until 2 July - why not have your say there.
  9. FFS you have been in hospital more times than I been sick! What's your real name 'Lucky' or 'Sicknote'?
  10. youve missed the biggest maternity hosp in military history!
    The Louise Margaret at the CMH Aldershot.

    we wont get a dedicated military hospital again, however watchout for something which is almost one in all but name attached to a civvie hospital in the next few years, allegedly!
  11. could be a "walking sick report".....
  12. I was born there and at the time the 'Lousy Mag' was a hospital in its own right not a wing of CMH.
  13. Boris remind me not to cross a road with you.
  14. Think he forgot RVH Netley!!!!!!
  15. I first reported sick, with the "dead sea"!!