Military Hospitals


Whilst very good causes, the latter is slightly flawed.

I'm coming out of being a recruitment consultant to go into the Army.

Minimum wage - assuming you're talking about 21's+ (£5.35), x 40 hour week, x 52 weeks = a little over 11k

Which is less than what Junior Soldiers gets paid, so in short - excluding pay whilst in Phase 1/2 - Junior Soldiers already do get paid more than minimum wage.


Also forgot to mention:

Serving personnel (At Pte/Tpr level) have about 700% higher disposable income than their civillian salary-level counterparts.

Obviously that level just gets higher with the more you get paid/higher up the ranks you go.

To be perfectly frank, I don't really see how 'most' service families have to rely on income support to survive - especially when living in SFA.

Call me ignorant and wrong, but I'd assume that these service familes who get income support, get it because they're entitled to it rather than out of need.

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