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I received this in my email this morning from an old RE mucker, I've checked it and its legit. I don't know if its been posted before, but feel free to sign the petition/bump the thread as you feel appropriate.



Hi All,

A justifiably worthwhile cause.

Please take the time to read below and act as your conscience dictates:

Please take one or two minutes to fill out the Downing Street Petition on behalf of our injured soldiers bearing in mind we all know what the damage of war can do. Our comrades returning from Iraq & Afghanistan with horrific injuries to a health care situation that is a joke.

With our troops being deployed in greater numbers we must go back to the dedicated care that they fully deserve - so please lend your support to the petition to the Prime Minister on the Downing Street Petition Web Site. The petition is:

'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals to provide adequate facilities (non NHS) for members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the course of their duties'

Please visit before the close on 6th August 2007.

If you do sign you will receive an email from No 10 with a link to confirm your signature.


Thank you very much.

Pretty sure this has been linked elsewhere though - I know I've already signed it.
Hmmm, interesting, but beware of unitended consequences. Whilst generally I am a supporter of Military Hospitals (if well found and properly resourced) to turn back the clock now would be particularly difficult and extremely costly.

Coupled with this is the fact that the Defence Medical Services are unable to recruit to establishment as it is. A return to Military Hospitals would therefore require:-

a. A significant wedge of capital investment to re-provision the hospitals, equipment and support infrastructure.

b. An addback of UKTAP medical personnel to man the hospital(s), from nurses, to physicians, surgeons and specialists. This requires both the headroom and the funding.

c. A recruitment campaign that would have trained medical staff queing up around the block to join and the necessary cash injection to incentivise staff from jumping ship as soon as they have reached marketable status in the Private sector.

Interestingly, at the Defence Welfare and Aftercare Conference chaired by CGS and DCDS(Pers) on Monday, a 2* commander made an impassioned plea for the return of military hospital. The reality is that, currently, our Servicemen and women are being provided with the best clinical care available across a host of specialisations that the military could not possibly replicate, particularly whilst continuing to support current level of operational commitment.

We must therefore look at how best we can provide the required level of clinical care whilst meeting some of the Services other needs in terms of comraderie and ethos; a reversion to militayy hospitals might be only one - expensive - and in terms of manning, unrealistic, solution.
I was serving in the following hospitals up until they closed
BMH Tanah Rata, BMH Singapore and finally Military Hospital Colchester....

Times have changed and so has the military enviroment....the days of the military hospital are finished. No government would would venture down this road due to costs. Yet they provided first class care!

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