Military honours for Sir Elton John!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Duke_of_Edinburgh, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. I have no words......

    Today’s Telegraph story.

    Is that USMC Dress Blues? I don't know what the clown's wearing.

    Apologies if you're just eating your breakfast.

  2. Just seen it in the Times

    What a wally!
  3. Celeb Walts.
  4. I see he's wearing his Fudge Packing Medal with Bar.
  5. Is Dame Elton wearing the uniform of the Shoreditch Legion of Frontiersmen?
  6. The way Elton is going, the general public are going to start thinking he's a homosexual.
  7. Damn. When you said "military honours" I though he might be dead.

  8. What a plonker - the sort of uniform Ivan the gasman would wear.

    For some reason I thought Elton was arrested and locked up for indecent exposure. Didn't he get arrested at his wedding with that other faggot. When the vicar said to him - please place your ring on David's finger - he chose the wrong one.

  9. Heard this on the news last night and nearly crashed my car! Apparently Elton was wearing a Russian General's uniform and his catamite was wearing a USMC Capt's uniform.

  10. Because he's a Walting Civvi plonker who should have joined YMCA.

    BT. :shakefist:
  11. Because he's a shirt lifter and whats worse a shirt lifter without any dress sense..

    I mean USMC Captains uniforms are just soooooo last year!
  12. It could be worse - he could have chosen to wear a replica of one of Göring's nice pastel uniforms!
  13. he looks like El Presidente de los Banana Republica
  14. Maybe he should visit Zimbabwe... I'm sure that Elton and Mr Mugabe would have so much to talk about.
  15. With a ginger wig?
    Now that would be gay :blowkiss: