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A new military history book-review site is now online:

This site has been set up for military history enthusiasts with an emphasis on cutting-edge military memoirs and major works of modern military history. The site will provide a round-up of the latest published books, along with some retrospective considerations of classic works of military history.

Books can be bought directly through the site, and recent reviews include Allan Mallinson’s The Making of the British Army, Stuart Tootal’s Danger Close: 3 Para in Afghanistan and Doug Beattie’s Task Force Helmand. In addition to a growing list of book reviews are picture galleries and an editor’s Blog, with author interviews to come soon. The site is intended to develop as the place-to-go for all those with an interest in military history books.


Fascinating, with a few such books on the shelf at home, I'll be checking back, may get the Matt Croucher book :) Anyone read the Military Blunders series ? Maj. Steven Eaden, US Army.

I remember another excellent book about Chefs a while back, '80s I think :? :?
Thundering good read about hot locations and spitting eggs. Told through the eyes of a Combat Cook at the sharp end of Global events. Can't remember the title.

On a par with Hamburger Hill , A Fridge Too Far. And perhaps, at a stretch; The Buns of Navarone.

ISBN G1098 252 66 Titles Here

Sorry, forgot Full Metal Baked Jacket :oops:


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Nice looking site and a solid concept.

Dare I make a suggestion? You could cast your net a little wider and review books on conflicts other than WWI
WWII and Afghanistan...

Glad to see a section on anniversaries. FYI, the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the UK's bloodiest post-WWII war is coming up in June. This anniversary appears set to be totally and completely overlooked by the British public and media. How bloody and desperate was this particular war? Well, we have lost 250 KIA in nearly nine years in Afghan; we lost 1100 KIA in three years in this war. Needless to say, many veterans of said war are bitter at their almost complete lack of recognition.

Just a thought...

Oh, and modesty usually forbids me, gentle tome has sold out its second hardback print run, but should be out in April in paperback. If you want a review copy, drop me a PM. (Details of book are in the website in my sig.)
Thanks for your reply. I can recommend Matt Croucher's Bulletproof as a good read. As to food-themed books, Nigel Hamilton wrote a biography of Field Marshal Montgomery, which he called, The Full Monty!
Dear Andy,

Thanks for your kind words on the site. At present, I've been concentrating on the world wars and Afghanistan simply because they're the main topics being published at the moment. I'll hope to broaden the scope in due course.

But, of course, you're quite right about Korea being a forgotten war - shamefully so. With this in mind, I'll take up your point about the 60th anniversary and do a feature on the Korean War (including To the Last Round!).

Best wishes,



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Good man! Contact me end-April and I should have photographs of the three bloodiest battlefields of the war on which UK troops were engaged:
Happy Valley/Koyang
'The Hook'

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