Military history and wild camping

Good morning folks,

Just looking for some suggestions for places to go where I can go and combine the above two activities. Ideally, I'd like somewhere that is from WWII, relatively untouched where I can root around in old bunkers, etc. I'm thinking Russia/Finland may be the best areas to find places that have survived the ravages of time.

Going to do Northern France later this summer, and I'm off to Northern Norway next week - more for the scenery and girls, but will also be walking the 'Blodveien', a road built by POW labour with zee Germans playing the "consultant role".

Really looking for somewhere totally out of the way though, any suggestions would be welcomed. Cheers.
How about on the deck, or is it rails, of the Norwegian ferry SF Hydro, you won't get disturbed much there at the deepest part of Lake Tinnsjø.
A good WW1 is apparently the Austro-Hungarian vs. Italian battlefield in the Alps. Went to an excellent presentation about this - the presenter's photos showed that the mountains are still riddled with military fortifications and relics, including the spectacular mountain (I forget the name) where one side blew out the side of the mountain in order to bring down the enemy positions higher up. Of course the scenery, hill-walking and free-camping potential are top class in that region.
We found some untouched places in France, Ive got a grenade and a rifle I found in the woods and there were heaps of old brass and buckles, some were tinged green and still had small bits of webbing on them, will try and remember where by following the road trip map....

EDIT pretty sure it was around Verdun

Big forests for wild camping and what appeared to be a foxhole or two - i didnt have a torch or massive bollocks to go head first down the hole only to find a 60 year old hun still manning his position.

Will post pictures of the rifle and grenade for identification though....


BBC NEWS | UK | World War I battlegrounds


It could also have been the Ardennes.

There are heaps of them, find battles, find forests and draw a route - you should be OK to wild camp most places - the french farmers are old and poor and smell of onions and gitanes, keep a supply of both to keep them happy.
Thanks for the replies folks. It's good to hear that there is still some "visible" history in northern France and Belgium, really surprised you found so many momentos Rawhide, sounds good.

Isonzo is a great shout 4(T), really like the sound of that, that could be getting done before too long. Thanks for the link bonzo. Muzzleflash, have considered Poland, never thought of Zagan though, good call. Thought of doing the Masurian lakes area, or Memel/Klaipeda before.

Anyway, thanks for your replies so far. Cernunnos, I'll meet you down there, k?

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