Military History and the 30 year rule


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How does this work? I know that the govt classifies things for 30 years after the event as a routine and sometimes does so for longer (for example, the truth about Ultra/Enigma didnt come out until the late 70's). Therefore i imagine next year we might well find out some more stuff about the Falklands that isnt generally known now.

If i wanted to look into something, is it therefore up to me to find the actual documentation itself, or it published electronically (part of the open society and FoI and all that).
I remember reading "Who Dares Wins" by Tony Geraghty when younger, and one of the appendices lists all of THEM who had died whilst serving in the Regiment. Amongst the usual lists of Oman, Malaya Bornero etc, a lone trooper was listed as dying in Ethiopea in 1966. Always wanted to know what he was doing there.
Did we run exercises in that country back then? Did the Cold War warm up suddenly?

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