Military Hardware looking for a new home!

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Litotes, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Bloody hell, you then need to buy a 434 to carry spares,lift packs etc, a stalwart for POL, 1000 litres of green paint, access to unlimited red diesel and at least 2VM(a) to keep the bugger running.

    Sod it ,how much??
  2. Chieftain tank Mk1 described as a good runner? Sounds a bit sus to me.
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  3. ****, and i have just got my gratuity too, i wonder if wife will go for it?
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  4. Tell her she can be the commander and you will take her shopping in it :)
  5. If I could get the swingfire missiles I'd have the FV102 striker.

    That would scare you in yer big gay tank.
  6. You were of the clan that first betrayed the Chieftain, how dare you sir?
  7. I would be slightly scared if you could find one that had working launchers on it! You would have more chance of taking out the commanders station from the inside!
  8. But i was in the last Sqn to be converted of that clan! Challenegr 1 was good but Chieftain had a certain 'charm' all of its own.
  9. I would certainly like to drive the thing through some of the shops that she tends to frequent! Just how many ******* handbags and pairs of shoes does one woman need?
  10. Does the searchlight work? They always used to shine the sodding searchlight at us.
  11. Where's Arters? Does he want to go halves?
  12. I don't know but my girlfriend has 150 pairs of shoes & still keeps buying more.
  13. Id be sure to remove the pork chops first.
  14. Not much good when you can't reach the pedals.