Military furious at plans to prepare cover for prison staff strike

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ulsterman82, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. Hmmm, the government have also managed to piss off the only other agency that could deal with prison disorder as well.

    By that I don't mean the salvation army either ;)

  2. Please read the links. Carefully.

    I t could all kick off soon enough.
  3. Don't panic dear, its the Home Office.

    They are so utterly ****ing incompetent they thought that an earthquake on the others side of the world would make us miss this. Do NOTHING until you are told to. But prepare for the worst...
  4. OK I am from across the pond but what I don't understand is why they cannot use police for this. It would seem they would be more in line with the duties of corrections officers than the military. Is it simply that they would have to pay overtime to constables and PCSO's while military do not get overtime?

    Also I have a question about the fire strike 7 or 8 years ago. All the stories at the time indicated that the military were required to use the "Green Goddess" equipment. This made no sense to me here in the US. Why could they not use the more modern equipment already in the fire stations/ fire halls. (not sure of the UK terminology). I tried to research it and found nothing in the media which made it sound like using the old equipment was the most natural thing to do.
  5. As I recall from an earlier Op Fresco in Essex we were told it was down to a lack of insurance.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer


    Just my own opinions:

    Not enough police and, as you say, too expensive. I was involved in the prison strike of 1980 using an old WW2 camp as a temporary prison. How my platoon loved bedding down in an empty sheep pen while the TVs, videos and multi-gyms were carried into the prisoners' huts.

    For the fire strike (and there was a big one in 1975 as well), the troops aren't trained to use modern kit and getting to it would involve going through picket lines which would result in serious public unrest.
  7. David,

    In regards to using the Police, as well as been to expensive, a lot of rank and file serving officers are now NFI. On top of recent budget cuts (which will reduce the number of frontline officers) a review of Terms and Conditions will lead to pay cuts and reduced pensionable benefits. As one of my mates put it, when his mobile rings nowadays, if it isn't a mate, it isn't getting answered. We will shortly be subjected to the farce of Police stewarding a public demonstration by the Police!!!
  8. Just to lope back to firefighting for a second:

    a) the Army don't take over the shiny new fire engines, because they're not at all soldier proof
    b) you can't deploy Green Goddesses much either - quite a lot if them were quietly sold off in 2004
  9. On the upside,what's the going rate for smuggling in a mobile/drugs/porn to a con?
  10. When this government has made all the Armed Forces redundant, where will it turn to cover strikes by:

    Police; Firemen; Ambulance Services; Dustmen; Prison Services and all manner of striking nerds?
  11. We had a thread about this recently.
  12. Probably call in the French !!!!!
  13. About 3 years.
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