Military Funeral

I have been asked to arrange a military-style funeral for an old chap who is still very much with us, but who is making sensible plans. However, as he is 93 I must assume that his passing will be sooner rather than later.

He is ex-RAMC.

I have made similar arrangements before and so most of it is pretty standard. I have a coffin flag, I can arrange a Guard of Honour, I am in touch with certain societies in which he was (is) a serving member and Aldershot Garrison Church has agreed that the service can be held there with a burial in Aldershot Military Cemetary.

My only difficulty as a civvy (but I am ex-Regular) is in locating a bugler or trumpeter to play the Last Post and Reveille and what may be the cost? I will need to cover this myself as he has not left anything for incidental expenses.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you
Aldershot garrisopn should be able to point you in the right direction. Approach the RAMC? You never know they may come onboard...
northwesten said:
Contact Trumpet Major at the King's Troop RHA.

Gaurd room number is 0207 4144605 Ask to speak to the TM and they pass u on.
Very many thanks for all of the replies which are most helpful. Co-incidentally, I will be seeing the Kings Troop Trumpet Major (or one of his staff) in the next week or so in London and will certainly ask him then.

I am extremely grateful toy you all. Thank you.

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