Military Fines - where do they go?

Years ago I heard that all military fines went to charity, either the Army Benevolent Fund or the Royal Hospital in Chelsea if I remember. I’d like to think that all that cash raised from squaddies for the heinous crime of losing an MOD 90 or crashing a vehicle goes to some good cause; does anyone know whether this was just an urban myth?
Urban myth. It all ends up at the treasury.
In one unit in BAOR the adjutant got posted and a new one took up the post. It was during the handover that it was discovered that the previous adj had never had his appointment as subordinate commander published in Part 2 Orders. The result of which was, if he remanded you for CO's no change, if he dealt with the offence himself then the charge was wiped out and any mil fines repaid! Cue a serious bender because I had been in a lot of shit!
You military criminal you!

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