Military fears big Afghan losses

hansvonhealing said:,,2087-1965621,00.html

''BRITISH troops set to deploy to southern Afghanistan this spring could sustain losses on a scale not seen since the Falklands war, military intelligence officers have warned''.
Surely this isn't news though, it's simply a function of a large scale deployment and the planning assumption for casualties on offensive ops as in the SOHB if I remember correctly.

Times is having a bonanza on mil stories today isn't it, thats 4 I count so far.

Happy new year all,

It does also mention that the Cloggies will be mincing out of the show. NATO - speed of the slowest ship. I did a NATO tour in Italy and if it wasn't for the Bosnia Medal and the 31 quid a day LOA, I would have been well miffed.

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