Military families should get preferential NHS treatment

Nice to see the majority of comments were favourable, but then it is the Torygraph. I like the sound of a guaranteed NHS dentist for my missus, but will we have to move house so she qualifies? And as for preferential treatment by the NHS, Servicemen are currently entitled to this, though my own experiences of how this works in the real world are mixed.
Seems like David 'just call me Dave' Cameron is trying to tap into that military vote after seeing how we are being treated under cyclops. It all seems to make sense but I did notice one caveat hidden in the report:

The proposals will not automatically become Conservative Party policy but are likely to form the basis of a future Tory government's planning for the military.
i.e seems to me a bit like saying we might do this if we get in power, but it ain't no guarantee, typical politicos :roll:

Also noticed this little gem in the comments section:

Finally the military families should pay Council Tax just like everyone else. It's a scandal that they are exempt.
There are some truly stupid people in the world, exempt from council tax my arrse, wish I was, if CILOCT didn't exist I would be better off by around £1200/yr - stupid bint! :evil:

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