Military experience on a police application.

Right, my first thread on here.
Does a few years in 2 RRF look any good on a police application?
I'm 15 and can go one of two ways , college and uni or the army?
my end goal is to join the civilian police, but i'm willing to go through the RMP.
any advice is welcome!!
This maybe a wah but that aside, your best course of action for civilian police after you have finished your GCSE's is a Diploma in Public Services, you may apply to your local police station for whats called a "ride along", where you are attached to a pair of regular Police Constables on a regular shift in the back of their Police car and basically follow them like a bad smell, this will give you experiance and also be supportive on your applocation.

Whilst you are studying that you may also apply to become a Special Constable assuming your over 18 (voluntary police officer) at the time
Why join the Army if you want to be a policeman?

And why would you want to be a policeman anyway? The job is about to get such a kicking from the government that being a lavatory attendant will be a better public sector job.
Haven't several forces ow have a policy of only accepting those with specials experience... two years thereof.

Nowt wrong with joining up for a few years. You can do these public service things part time. Get some OU quals or similar in investigations or what not.

By all means skip 2RRF and go to the RMP. Have a few years havng a laugh and a giggle, with the odd tour thrown in and hen try for the rozzers. If you are lucky you could have on your CV training foreign police (ANP for example but the monkeys have trained Bosnians and a whole raft of oter nations police too). Or dog handler, CP team, fire arms instructor, OP work or even CBRN instructor can all add a bit of meat to your cv.

I've heard RMP experience doesn't neccesarily beat the queue, so i suppose military experience is what it is. You could try Int Corps.

Once you've done your time, you could join the TA or maybe use a qual you've picked up (C+E for example) to bide you over, whlst your app for the constabulary goes through.
As Chocolate_Frog says - RMP experience doesn't get you to the front of the queue, but it can (in some, not all) forces allow you to skip the 2-year 'special constable' phase that you may have to go through. It will not exempt you from any training, but it will mean that you go into it with an understanding, of sorts, of procedure/basic skills. Some of the courses that you can complete within the RMP are Home Office approved, meaning that they will transfer over.

If you're only planning on staying in the army for a few years, go with what takes your fancy the most.

daughter has desires for the police as well..
she has just finished colledge and is ready for uni in sept..
her plan is to join the forces (if we have any left)..
then after a couple of years onto the police service (again,,if we have any left)

try it that way..

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