Military Events 2011

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by DB216LOKDVR, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. MILITARY EVENTS 2011; Is your Garrison or Unit holding one.

    Being an ex SNCO, I have posted this request in Seniors as WO's/SNCO's are normally the motivators to ensure these type of events are prepared correctly and run smoothly.

    MODS please move to another section if necessary.

    I am seeking information on military events taking place this year similar to the RLC Open Day or Aldershot Tournament (if held).

    I realise the current Defence cuts may have reduced these events but if your Garrison or Unit are holding an open day type event please will you advise me;

    The location,
    Point of contact,

    This is a genuine request on behalf of a commercial vehicle company who wish to display their vehicles which may be of interest to the Armed Forces and Indiviual Members.

    Thank you for your assistance.
  2. Surely you are asking "where can I find an audience for my company?" so that I can generate business from the army.

    What is your business and why cant you go through the normal channels to drum up support rather than gatecrashing someone elses event to get seen?

  3. The company produces motorbikes, and they are intrested in trying to sell to the MOD. I have been advised by another member of Arrse that Motorbikes are out and Quads are in.

    The company produces a Enduro type bike which may be suitable for indiviuals who take part in competitions etc.

    The request for POC etc is for the company to contact the event organisers with a view of displaying thier motorbikes in a similar way that NAAFI Car Sales used to display new cars at the JHQ Open Days etc. (Advertising for business and providing another display for the attendees to view).

    From my own experiences civi venders are invited to attend these events in the back ground selling ice creams, displaying commercial goods etc as the fees they pay off sets the cost of the event.

    I am not a member of the company but I met the MD a few weeks back at another motor bike show and he kindly donated a item for the Hols4heros fund.

    At the end of the day it is up to the POC/organisers if they wish to allow a comercial company to attend thier event all I am asking for is the Point of Contact.

    I have not named the company as I do not wish to appear to be generating business for them.

    MODS please delete this post if it contravines the rules.

    Thank you.

  4. the MOD might buy it , if they add 3 tonnes of armour , mountings for gpmg's . gmg's and 50cal .

    personally i would like to see a return to moterbikes with side cars , and a support weapon mounted on the side car ? this would be of great use in afgan .
  5. They might want to look at this link
    Google Translate
    Its a multi national effort (organised by the German army), with even TA units from the UK turning up. Its held on JHQ.
  6. My old stomping ground.

    It would appear the WO's & Sgt's Mess/Fife Barracks has been flatterned.
  7. Check out an outfit called The Imps youth Motorcycle Display Team. They go to events and put on a superb motorcycle display. Some of the events they go to would be ideal for your company to show off its motorbikes.

    The Imps | Shows

    Good luck with this :)
  8. Sorry to have sounded cynical, I just had images of that massive RANGER white elephant turning up like an excommunicated bastard ginger stepchild at a funeral.

    (Massive Off topic) URAL MOTO still make the WWII motorbike seen in all the war films with a few additions, the Egyptians and various middle eastern countries are pushing them out.