MIlitary Etiquette between WO2s

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Arai, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Was having a discussion about this the other day

    Would a 'bog standard' Warrant Officer Class II address a WO2 (CSM) as "Sir" if officers were present. Even though the rank is the same the CSM appointment means he is senior to the other?

  2. are you really serious
    we do not hav any 'bog standard' WO2
  3. I meant a WO2 without an appointment ie RQMS, CSM etc etc
  4. RQMS is an appoinment!
  5. no, i know, god this is like pulling teeth - right, i'll try again.........would a WO2 without an appointment address a WO2 WITH an appointment as Sir when in front of an officer
  6. In my experience whilst in the company of officers WO2's would address each other by appointment i.e. RQMS, QMSI, MTWO etc, a CSM/SSM would normally be refered to by fellow Warrant Officers as Sergeant Major.
  7. No. I have never heard people of equal rank call one another 'Sir'. In most meetings it is first name terms; all Seniors call each other by first names or by appointment e.g. 'Q' for BQMS. In the same meeting all officers will call the other officers by their first names.

    If it is out of the usual sub-unit environment, e.g. giving a briefing to a visiting VIP, then the WO2s would normally refer to each other by their rank and name e.g. "Sergeant Major Jones will now explain how they teach the recruits to skiff their troop commander..."
  8. I would suggest that "Sergeant Major" would be appropriate. "Sir" wouldn't be, as it refers to superior rank, rather than appointment.

    On the grounds that within the unit, there should only be one man with a "baldy" crown, the return address should be "Q" or "QMSI" or similar.

    A situation of greater controversy would be the relative address between WO1 and RSM in an informal setting.
  9. Wouldn't have thought so, maybe call each other Mr. or Sarn't Major, I couldn't see an RSM calling a Conductor, Sir, for example.
  10. Definitely not. Neither are "Mister" and only one is a "Sergeant Major" (unless one is visiting).
  11. Could I suggest a revolver and one round for anyone who even considers this an issue?
  12. Or Russian Roulette with a Shrike?
  13. I meant the Sgt. Maj. calling the WO2 - "Mister" - something I personally have seen and heard a lot, and the WO2 calling the Sgt.Maj...................."Sergeant-Major". Possibly it's a regimental/corps thing?

    I have also heard Officers addressing WO's as "Mister" as well.
  14. I've always considered that "Mister" is limited to WO1, 2Lt and Lt. Though I have heard the term used for WO2, but considered it a mistake.


    Unless an RSM, a WO1 has no other title but his rank. A WO2 has an appointment that he can be addressed by. e.g "Go and ask the QMSI." But in the case of a WO1, it would be "Go and ask Mister ....."
  15. I thought traditionally, Mister, was the correct title for WO's and Lt/2nd LT's?