Hello, I am wanting to join as (and just cant decide) if to go for Military Engineer (Electrician) or maybe something like Electronics Tech (which correct me if im wrong, is more specialized in 1 field, like on aircraft or artillery)

I have read a great thread posed here asking some questions about Electronics Tech and that they get upto but wanted to do the same for Military Engineer (Electrician)

Correct me if I am wrong, but a Military Engineer (Electrician) is more installation work isn’t it? I was training towards my C&G 2330 till I had to stop but I did enjoy this and want to continue in a role like this but in the Army… obviously 

So… like the other thread, can I ask a few questions?

1) What sort of stuff do you get upto? is it varied?
2) Do you think you will be setup with some good experience that you can take if you ever leave the army (how relevant is the stuff you learn to what jobs you might get offered back if you leave?)
3) Are you an all round sparky or do you specialize in a main area?
4) what was Phase 2 like?
5) how was pay after Phase 2?
6) on operations what do you get upto?

Maybe if you think there is anything else you could tell me that would be great..

Maybe I should ask the career advisor this, but I thought hey… you do the job so why not ask you!

tnx in advance for your time...
You might want to post this in the Sapper forum, rather than the REME, mate!

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