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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by jasmin, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. I have recently recieved an intake date for basic as a RE driver, however i think i want to change to Military engineer comms.

    My recruiter told me that this job is only up and running about a year or so and not alot of people have good things to say about it so to stick with engineer driver.

    Iv alot been told by an online advisor on the armyjob website that this job is over manned like that RE driver job is... is this right?
  2. Your recruiter is talking out is Arrse - I've been a signaller in the Corps for over 8 years now god knows where they got that from.

    Bit pushed for time at the mo so wll try to post a bit more tomorrow but like any other trade it has it's ups and down's but on a whole its not too bad a job.
    You also get your C+E driving licence now so at times we get roped in to help the MT out
  3. Your recruiter is talking out of his hoop on a couple of those points. C3S is under manned, it is a pinch point trade that attracts a bonus if you retrade to it. I certainly haven't heard a thing about C3S getting binned, more and more unlikely because of Bowman. There is going to be an IS stream for all capbadges but that's it.

    He is right though, C3S is a bit bone. Get a proper trade!
  4. I was informed that the corps was crying out for C3S's
  5. yep, because it is w@nk & all the lads that are c3s sack it.
  6. It's ****.
  7. For once, N_T, I completely agree with you.