well as long as im not in a HQ all the time i think that job in the engineers suits me just nicely :) ill have to ring my recruiter tomorrow and find out about this golden hello thing and see if i can get sooner than april.

or is there somewhere online i can find out about golden hello's?


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"Golden Hello (GH).

The GH scheme has been running since 23 October 2003. GH seeks to attract and reward applicants who have gained specific qualifications relevant to their chosen trade and who bring sought after skills with them into the Army. The scheme is open to soldier applicants who have completed study in specified subjects and who to join certain technical trades within the Army. The value of the GH ranges from £500 to £8,000 depending on the applicant's qualifications and their Army trade. In addition some elements of an applicant's training may be waived. The scheme is only open to UK passport holders and is payable on completion of Phase 2 Training as a one-off payment."

I don't know if C3S is eligible, you'll have to ask your recruiter.

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