Discussion in 'Sappers' started by oscar7, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. i have looked everywhere for more info on this job other than the vauge info on the job detail.

    can anyone tell me what this jobs involves? will i be sitting in a tent on the phone all the time or will i get to do my combat engineer training etc also? what is the main role? i know its computers and radios but what exactly does this mean?
  2. The corps are short of them at the moment so you will get pushed that way by the recruiter telling you anything to get you to sign - Go for an artisan trade instead (bricky, chippy, sparky etc). C3S live in HQs on tour, not on the ground
  3. thank you, im stuck with driver now cos i dont have the grades to do anything else, iv been told when i get to training if someone drops out and there is room on other courses i may get lucky. other than that ill just stick it out for a year or to and change trade.

    hell i might even enjoy driving :) i hear they are on the ground on tour if not driving putting the combat engineering to good use?
  4. C3S, lot of echelon work, rarely on the ground and as mentioned before, a lot of HQ work. Plenty of time to brew up :)
  5. What are the promotion prospects like?
  6. i think there is a golden hello for this job at the minute will that mean gettin to basic sooner than april?
  7. Not sure.. you been to the ADSC yet?
  8. very good prospects for those individuals with the necessary attributes to reach Warrant Officer Class 1 rank and commissioning. Soldiers who display good leadership and managements skills and are competent tradesmen may be promoted quickly

    apparently drivers with radio communication experience are also wanted for parachute training

    sound good to me after a few years in the job if i want ground experience ill join something else
  9. yes i passed in oct 2008 im waiting on a date to start basic as an engineer driver but im thinking cos there is a golden hello ill get sooner? oh how i like to keep my hopes up .
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong but is that not a different job title to ME Communications (C3 Systems)?
  11. i dont know anytime i ask about the job "military engineer communications" people then write me back and say C3S so i assume this is the same thing?
    what you think
  12. C3S is the same as "military engineer communications".
  13. Yes it is, ME Communications is C3S.. but thats not the same job title as an Engineer Driver is it?
  14. nope its not. C3S doesnt seem to see much outside of HQ i guess.

    There is also a job within the intell,it and comms trade as "driver/communication specialist" i wonder if it is the same? although you dont get the combat training you would in the engineers