Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sapper2b, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. so im currently going through the long drawn out process of enlisting and im at the stage of getting my job choices, I know all 3 will be engineers and currently im thinking systems engineer,POM,fridge and ac or fitter general. I was just wondering if there are any systems engineers lurking that would like to give me there opinion,is it a good career path, possible qualifications day to day work etc and everyone else's opinion to. I don't have a clue what i should pick.
  2. Sigs is not a great trade to do, I don't know many signallers who say they really like their job. POM and Fitter Gen are good trades to have as you will tend to use them more frequently. HVAC is a good qual but unfortuantly they don't use their trade that much.
  3. knocker i searched and seen the other threads,you were just as helpful in them to.
    plant life that's what i was thinking fitter general and pom seem to be the better choices but i still seem drawn to systems as the training would interest me more so i suppose my next question is what's day to day life like for a systems engineer? is it all sitting a land rover drinking tea? If it is im screwed, i dont even like tea :(
  4. Day to day life for a signaller (when the feck did it because systems engineer?) is filled with checking miles of cables and parts in vehicles. On ops you may be stuck in an ops room manning a radio or you may be out on the ground providing direct comms support (in other words lugging a fecking heavy radio about on your back).

    Like I said, there aren't that many signallers out there who say they really like their job.

    By the way, Knocker has just got out after 22 years service so does know what he is on about.
  5. fecking amazing is'nt it????
  6. are all sparkys this sarcastic? :D only messing,thanks for the help lad
  7. Lad? He is over 40 years old! Could you be any more patronising?
  8. if your a signaller will you have to use your trade alot or is there a chance of doing more combat engineering
  9. They are called Scaly Backs for a reason..
  10. The amount of trade v combat engineering depends on how the OC wants his/her signallers employed. Some like the sigs embedded within the troops, others prefer them kept in the sigs troop.
  11. Do you know what it is like in 23 and 24 regiment. I don't want to end up being stuck at hq all the time
  12. it still a TONK trade & not a great deal of use in civ div at the minute (market flooded at the minute i have been told), as stated previously by others not many scallies enjoy their trade.