Military Dropzones

Hey, I was recently told that I could do a static line course at a military dropzone. I've already done my static line course in civie street and I'm still current by BPA regulations. Is it possible to go down to a dropzone still and do some jumps? Since I assume they're much cheaper than the £40 jump ticket most dropzones charge?

Anybody ever tried this before?
Nope. Still a student.. I was planning on going down for a week and working my way up to cat 8, but with the exception of student progression weeks they only open wed, fri, weekends.
Ok so you've only done the RAPS ground school?

If you find it hard to get down on a regular basis it might be worth doing an AFF course. Although it might appear more expensive you will get qualified a lot quicker. Alot of people doing RAPS in this country seem to end up spending as much as someone doing AFF; having to retake levels caused by extended periods of time between jumps due to weather etc.
Yeah two jumps.
AFF is quicker, but I'm going to enjoy jumping while getting qualified.
I take it AFF full course gets you to Cat A?
Fair one.
The AFF course only gives you a cat 8 qual- you have to do 10 consol jumps before you get A-cert, but these are just normal jumps with an instructor to dispatch you.

Good luck though, it really is a cracking sport:)

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