Military dog recovers from PTSD after Iraq war

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by viceroy, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - Military dog recovers from PTSD after Iraq war

    A military dog named Gina is recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder after a six-month tour in Iraq, where she conducted door-to-door searches.

    A veterinarian diagnosed the dog with PTSD, which some experts say can affect animals in a similar way to humans.

    The two-year-old dog returned home to Peterson Air Force base in the US state of Colorado one year ago terrified, skittish and fearful.

    But Gina is close to a full recovery, kennel master Sgt Eric Haynes says.

    Sgt Haynes takes care of about 18 dogs on the military base but says he has never seen "any dogs with issues this extreme".

    "She was terrified all the time. She wouldn't go in and out of buildings," he said.

    PTSD, which the military characterises as a condition that develops after a life-threatening trauma, has not been researched in animals as thoroughly as in humans. But some experts say animals can experience a form of it.

    "There is a condition in dogs which is almost precisely the same, if not precisely the same, as PTSD in humans," Tufts University animal behaviour specialist Nicholas Dodman told the AP news agency.

    Sgt Haynes says Gina is about 98% recovered from her disorder
    And Gina was displaying symptoms of PTSD until just a few months ago.

    Upon arriving home from Iraq, Sgt Haynes says the dog frequently crouched low to the ground and would lock her legs. She was also afraid of loud noises and would regularly turn her head to check if anyone or anything was lurking behind her.

    But Sgt Haynes says Gina is turning around with the help of proper recovery exercises.

    "She isn't fully recovered, but she's doing really well now. She's been re-certified and is performing operational duties again."

    Several bags of treats, walks around the base, interacting with strangers and a slow reintroduction of loud noises have helped to rebuild the dog's confidence, says Sgt Haynes.

    But Sgt Haynes does not expect to send Gina back to Iraq any time soon.

    Since catching the attention of the media this week, Sgt Haynes says he has received approximately 60-70 e-mails a day from people around the world trying to adopt Gina.

    Check out the pic below, yank dogs even get body armour, only helmet missing. Any K9's with the British troops?
  2. yeah there are several different types of working dogs with the UK forces
  3. I am gratified to see that these wonderful "troops" are also getting the care they deserve. If anyone doubts that dogs can suffer in this way you are welcome to come visit my pack of 13, each of which was horribly abused at the hands of some very cruel "people."
  4. Ah yes-what a "man." I see many such types here as well. If we were not so civiliz(s)ed, I would ...........
  5. I fully believe it being the proud owner of a badly-beaten and extremely anxious ex-trackhound. What breeds do you have, JJH?

  6. I'm glad that America isn't repeating, how their faithful canines were treated at the end of the Viet Nam War!

    And no, this isn't a dig.
  7. I agree-a horrible chapter in American stupidity and a metaphor to the way the human veterans of that defeat were treated.
  8. Hmmm ........ Give him a war pension at 70% and send him to combat stress for the treatment he needs, and O' yes make sure SSAFA field workers come to visit him twice a year.
    This K9 veteran should want for nothing!
  9. I don't know why I'm posting this. I haven't been able bring myself to stay on that page for more than a few seconds. I sincerely hope they catch the **** and take all his innards.
  10. I saw this the other day whilst looking at the video of the Chinese copper using excessive force against a guy. I looked at the 'advert' and it turned my stomach. I know it happens everyday in places like that. Dog's slaughtered etc. I just hope that someday, a 'radical animal welfare activist' gets revenge by gounging THEIR eyes out and lopping off their nuts.

  11. What a ******* **** he was, I hope the "Hardman" is being bummed into oblivion by the cell block daddy.
    With a bit of luck his reason for being locked up will found out, By cough cough "Ordinary decent criminals".
  12. I can only hope they throw him in with Johnny Stamper from the 'Paedo gets stamped to death in cell' case. Johnny will be saving tax-payers millions!
  13. IMHO, anyone who tries to show how tough or"manly" he is by abusing an animal, especially one that cannot even fight back, is beneath contempt.

    I made it well known to my troops and officers that any such cowardly conduct whether in garrison or in operations would be harshly dealt with either by court martial or summary administrative discharge. This is especially true in operations since experience is clear that a soldier or Marine doing that will likely not have much compunction about doing similar things to humans. It also is a sure sign of a lack of professionalism and discipline of the unit and its leaders.