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Military Documentaries on BBC iPlayer

I don't doubt that this has made previous appearances on Arrse, but since I've idled away a big chunk of Sunday morning collecting URLs I'm going to post it anyway.

Some of these are due to expire in a few days, others will be there for over a year yet:

World War I at Home

Defence of the Realm
5. Phantom Platoon
The Pathfinders Platoon, an elite force of 5 Airborne Brigade, in training. (1996)
. . . and:​

4. Mission Angola
A battalion of British troops goes to Angola in advance of a UN peacekeeping force. (1996)

Everyman -
A Game of Soldiers
First transmitted in 1990, this is a film about the psychology of warfare and killing - what it takes to kill. It includes interviews with soldiers who have killed in the Falklands and other wars. Two ex-Paras and an ex-Gunner, now a mercenary, describe their experiences of combat and, with input from a specialist psychologist, reflect on consequences for society of training men to kill for us.

How to Make a Royal Marines Officer (1989) (1977) (1964) (1985)

The Paras - 7 episodes (1983)

The Regiment
First transmitted in 1977, this documentary follows three months in the life of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Green Jackets (also known as the Black Mafia) as they move from their Dover barracks for a tour of duty at the Tower of London. The Royal Green Jackets are light infantry, trained to move fast. Above all they are riflemen and take pride in their reputation of being thinking fighting soldiers.

Soldier in the Sun
First transmitted in 1964, this informational programme follows the British Army in Aden (Yemen) during the state of emergency in 1964. Aden is one of the last outposts of the British Empire and a strategic part of the Arabian Gulf guarding access to the trade routes that flow through the Suez Canal. The British colony has become a hotbed of insurgency, and the film follows British troops as they try to keep order in an increasingly violent mountainous region from where the insurgents regularly attack the Port area.

Tuesday Documentary
The Bomb Disposal Men
The training of three Ammunition Technical Officers in the British Army. (1974)

Tuesday Documentary
Death or Glory
Life through the eyes of the 17th/21st Lancers - the British Army of the Rhine. (1968) (1977)

Behind the Lines - 7 episodes (1985)
Training for 25 potential Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre

Most (but not all) of the above can be found here:

Army - A Very British Institution
A collection of BBC programmes about the British Army, featuring classic documentaries and historic events dating back to the 1950s.
Ahh...a RMAS documentary about the girls platoon, from about 1999/2000 - from your question to my question, I guess not!
Ahh...a RMAS documentary about the girls platoon, from about 1999/2000 - from your question to my question, I guess not!
Rings a bell now. Didn't see it in the iPlayer documentaries list.

Can you recall which channel released it? I've a feeling it might've been Channel 4, not the Beeb.

Not that I'm being any help . . .
ive been watching them, I learnt a lot.
I never realised how slack [probably on a good way] the green jackets where.
One episode left of that paras series to watch, that female captain MO
was our doctor at one camp but I cant remember where it was before this time period?

Inside Out: Ticking With the Crow/The Officers' Mess
First transmitted in 1989, this frank and candid pair of films provides a thought-provoking record of life in the Army from 1st Battalion, Light Infantry in Berlin.

"this was a good one showing both sides, I would like to know more about what happened in NI because it seems a disgrace the way they where treated".
And I will be honest I couldn't have done the Para training those heights would have killed me.
we did go to Aldershot for a taster but where not allowed to go on the trapezium as we where to young [?] thank Feck for that it was scary from the ground alone.
we did do the Commando rope [?] stuff down in Tregantle but that wasn't half as scary.

even the death slide wasn't.though there was a funny story from the instructors about the loud mouthed short aresed para who hadn't thrown his rope sling over the descent rope so when he jumped of he just rolled down the hill.

it does explain why we did milling and murder ball [supposed to be banned]at Deepcut though, we had a real hard case Para sergeant from NI.
the first milling lesson he took the biggest of us and beat the hell out of him [thank goodness I was about 3rd tallest] thing was we where all skinny kids and he was a wide as he was tall and all muscle.

so hats of to anyone who's done Para training
I've been watching one of the cable channels, a docu about American test pilots. This reminded me of an old series in the 80s I used to watch about British test pilots.


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