Military Discounts on Traser H3 Watches

As the official distributor and service centre for traser H3 watches in the UK, we are pleased to offer discounts on watches to all service personnel.

Please visit our website at to view the complete range available and call us on 01425 672082 for your deal !

All watches come with a 2 year warranty and this can be extended by a year by registering your watch online. All warranty support is handled In-House by our qualified watchmakers.

Sorry, the discount does not apply to replacement straps or services but we do ensure that you get top priority !!
Wasn't quite expecting a reply so soon !!

It depends on the model but in the region of 10 - 15%

Hope this is inviting enough for you
I'm tempted, I'll be in th market for a new watch in September. Was thinking of the P6508.
What's you P&P like?
Since you answer so quickly here, i ll give you a sales opportunity...I have a traser bought in the PRI (Herford) back in 2002 (?) pre Saif Sareea anyway, which has seen better days- glass scratched, still got grime from telic 1 embedded,, strap went south eons ago so now using a pussers strap, bezel markings all gone (thanks to mossie repellant and sand), gets some condensation, well quite a bit, last time i deployed to the far east, but movement etc is fine and it is great for UK/NWE use. It looks like a cross between a Nav T6 and the commander 9 it has 25 hr markings on inside, 5 - 55 minute bezel and is waterproof to 200m.

I think it will cost £51 to service and make and mend or is it worth buying the Nav Blue new at £135 less your kind discount (is it 10 or 15% on the Blue?). I want to be able to dive up to a maximum of 30m occasionally, but could forgo that as long as i can wear it in the sea-I also like the 24Hr face as and 5 - 55 minute bezel marking

Thanks for your advice. I do recommend the watches to all arresers out there

traserH3 said:
On that model, I can do it for £122 delivered for you so not far away :D
Dam good price, I Froogled it and the cheapest I could find was £124.99 including P&P (normal post). I may well take you up on the offer when I get back from Holiday :D

If you want to use your watch for any watersports (especially diving - regardess of depth), then I suggest you go for a watch that is rated at 200m with a screw down crown. Take a look at any of the Professional range (Black Storm Pro every time for me)

The service price is very good and would come back from us looking almost like new so that is an affordable option

The Code Blue is a great watch but with the push-in crown, we do not believe it is suited for your requirements.

Alternatively, email me for a current promotion on the Super Sport from traser which is currently available at half price.

The choice is yours !!!
How about swapping my "slightly used" orange diver watch for a black storm? Orange just isnt as tactical as i would like. And im not spending another £200...... You know you want to.....
I bought my original watch ( the orange one) of your website. And i do love it, they are quality watches, really well made, just wish i had a black one.
Has anyone used these watches on ex. or ops? How can you make them tactical if they permanently are illuminated? Any ideas? Do you stick a flap on it? or cam the face up?

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