Military discount


The Chipshop in our village, the Chinese takeaway, the Bakery, H's Village shop, The Dairy's shop round the corner...

Moving onto the village down the road, the Motorcycle repair place isnt in there, Tesco isnt in there, CR Tyres arent..

In the next village......

What exactly are you trying to find out? It's a pretty fcuking bone question to ask really. Tom..
I can pick up a Yellow pages and probably 99% wont be listed, however if you ask in various shops in person, you will be able to get Squaddie based discount.. We havent got enough bandwidth to list all the shops that arent in there...


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Plymouth - Drakes Circus

The Oak and Pine furniture shop opposite Starbucks is run by an ex-pongo who does a 10% discount on production of an ID card. Good stuff and cheap to start with, can recommend.
seems to me there are a few villages missing their idiot's

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