Military Deception Symposium

Event date: 07 November 2012
Event end date: 08 November 2012
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham.

I bet it's actually on late October, in Manchester.
I hear the guest speaker is the chap who convinced a generation of BAOR squaddies that a bus full of nurses was due to tip up at the weekly disco...

Convinced ? Meh ! Having believed these tallest of tales, what did the target decision-makers actually do differently as a result ? And to whose benefit ?

At Fort Doom (RMAS) it was a bus full of nannies.
Pal of mine, ex-1 PARA, actually married a Norland Nurse ( aka "Creatch")

Not sure about being bussed in, but plenty of them rocked up at Browning Barracks..

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