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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bookman123, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place but anyway.

    There is an old fella who I see quite often and his wife told me they had been to the Arboretum but could not find any reference to his dad, (Ron is in his 80's). The upshot is when I got the information from Ron I do not have a clue where to go to get any information regarding his father. This is what was given to me:

    Henry George Evans
    No: 1523218 Royal Artillery
    Died July 4th 1943 Aged 33 years
    The grave is in Infdevil North Africa
    Cause of Death: Fault in manufactured shell

    On his death certificate it states that he was not killed by enemy action. He also was awarded an MID.

    Any help in trying to find any thing about this man would be appreciated.
  2. I believe he owes me £10.
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  3. You are George Osbourne and I claim my £5
  4. Get it from Henry - I've waited long enough.
  5. [h=2]EVANS, HENRY GEORGE[/h] Rank:SerjeantService No:1523218Date of Death:04/07/1943Age:33Regiment/Service:Royal Artillery 50 Bty., 17 Lt. A.A. Regt. Awards:Mentioned in DespatchesGrave ReferenceVI. C. 8.CemeteryENFIDAVILLE WAR CEMETERY [h=3]Additional Information:[/h] Son of Thomas and Lilian Evans; husband of Ada Maud Evans, of Romford, Essex.

    Is to the east of Tunis, so he was killed in the later stages of the North African Campaign
  7. I googled his full name followed by his number and got a few hits, but if your name is Steve then you will have seen them.

    WWII personnel records are held at APC Glasgow. The family can apply for his service record for a small fee.
  8. Thanks for replies. What was troubling Ron there is no mention of his name at Arboretum and I said I think it is because he was not killed in action. Not to sure but seems a bit off.
  9. Thanks reebrov, followed up your search and found what I wanted. The amazing thing is my son and I bought a Roll of Honour book from our British Legion for a project that Jack was doing and seeing the picture from my search that looked familiar we dug it out and there he is. just on my way round now to show him. Thanks all.
  10. If you are referring to the National Armed Forces Memorial at the Arboretum, as I believe you are, it only lists service-attributable deaths that have occurred since 1948- that is, when the CWCG remit ended.
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