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I am thinking about applying for an NRPS position as my 22 in almost finished.

They are asking for a military CV. The problem is that I or anyone in my unit have never heard of a military CV.

So is there a set format, layout? Has anyone on here ever done one? where can I get a copy?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Are they not just asking for a CV with your military history?


Thats what i am thinking now as no one has heard of one before. If thats the case then i should be alright.

I just dont want to submit my CV then find out that like everything else these days there is a JSP/DIN on the subject and the board stick my CV straight in the bin for not complying.

Cheers, Northern Monkey.
No problems and good luck.

Maybe a phone call to whoever you're submitting the CV to might clear things up? Just to be safe...
Find out what the job demands are and focus your CV on that. Don't waste the readers time on irrelevancies. eg if the job does not require a HGV License then don't spend 2 pages on it

Good luck

have you been on your CTW (Career Transition Workshop).

They teach you how to write CV's and covering letters which you send along with your CV.

Hope this was of help.


BB...there was a thread on here a few months back with some good advice given. Just been through this with a senior HR person (not for me) and I have the latest format if you're interested. Pm me if you like.


BB51, contact the SO2 G1 in the Bde thats advertising the job (contact details should be in the advert, towards the end) and ask for a template.
At the risk of teaching you to suck eggs - check it again and again, then get someone you trust to recheck it. Spelling and syntax errors are too easily left in CVs and they devalue the CV immediately.

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