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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Signals_Rugby_Dog, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. What Military Covenant? I don't expect they will publish a new one 'cos it would cost too much.

    And it changes too often.

    And there is nothing left in it.

    And ... [suggestions please]
  2. SRD - What exactly do you want from it anyway? What are you going to do when they don't uphold their end of a non existant agreement? Strike? Whinge like ****? Piss your pants on parade?

    There was no talk of a covenant in 1988 and to be honest I couldn't give **** then just as I couldn't give a **** now. The ***** have had us over a barrel since the day we signed on the line - it's how it works. I know where the door is. Whinging, won't change a ******* thing and you know it. We are getting royally shafted with pay freezes, cuts in allowances, changes to pensions etc etc and the government is toying with the idea of maybe getting shops to give us a ******* discount or some such shit. Don't hold your breath mate. Civvy street doesn't look very attractive at the moment and a lack of covenant is not high on my agenda.
  3. Lol - we're saying the same thing though we choose different language to say it and you are far more eloquent!! When I joined spookily close to the date you use in the 80s there was no need for a written Military Covenant but it certainly existed and was mentioned often in my early years. Since then, they have decided to write the unwritten covenant, probably in an effort to get politicians (and dare I say civil servants) to understand it. And follow it. But for all the reasons you mention above, it is getting thinner and less worthy of publication. At this rate, the foreword would be the longest part.

    Such has been the gradual reduction in the quid pro quo in a period when our contribution has rocketed over the years, that civvy street now seems more attractive to many. In fact, the gradual reduction has become a freefall plummet with SDSR!

    If I went on parade any more, there would be a pool of pee all around me. The whingeing, I do here.
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The Military Covenant is being re-written by a civi academic with no actual military service. One of his recommendations so far is no Veterans ID Card as it is not seen as having a cost benefit to the present government. He suggests a LOYALTY CARD - loyalty to whom by whom I ask.
  5. Entire bollocks. Soldiers of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s were treated with total contempt by society and the Chain of Command. The term military covenant did not exist before April 2000 FFS!

  6. Sorry Western, but just because you don't remember it, or choose to forget it, doesn't mean it didn't exist. I was told all about it in 1987 and used the term way before 2000 FFS (whatever that is - maybe 4 f**ks sake?). Sorry if that annoys you.

    As for the total contempt thing by society and CoC, that is laughable.
  7. Nonsense, just because you lie to yourself it does not make it a fact. Do a bit of research.
  8. I have never felt like I have been held in contempt by any member of society other than the local fuckwits who fancy a scrap or some liberal tw@s who think that the defence budget would be better spent on a Tofu factory or some such shit.

    On the whole I think the country does appreciate it's Armed Forces and those that serve in them. What a Covenant will achieve I don't know? How can something be enshrined in law when those responsible for it's upkeep can change the law at a whim. If there is a covenant what form of redress or complaint do we have? And I think this is why the proposals that are being put forward are worthy of the contempt I would hold them in. Veterans (loyalty) card ? Council schemes? all hot air I'm afraid when the only thing I want to hear is "We will honour the terms and conditions which you signed up to" (IE leave my ******* pension alone you *****!) "We will make sure that your family are alright if you disappear in a cloud of red mist" & "We will make sure that your family don't have to live in a shithole whilst you deploy year in year out" Sadly there is nothing in any of the proposals I have read that safeguard these basics.

    I was very much indifferent to the BAFF at it's inception, I really didn't see a need. However given the scale of the bitch slapping being delivered at the moment, I am giving very hard consideration to joining.

    I have to temper my frustration with the knowledge that politicians think we're great!
  9. Can we agree to disagree without being insulting or rude Western? I wonder how you research something which was unwritten but understood for so long ... moreover, I do not need to do research 'cos my experience was that we were taught it.
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    It was something I never heard of until about 10 years after I retired.
  11. So you have nothing other than your say so to substantiate your position? I served for 22 years and was frankly amazed when I heard reference to a Military Covenant after I left.

    If you bother to look it up you will see that the phrase was coined with the publication by the Ministry of Defence of the booklet ‘Soldiering – The Military Covenant’ in April 2000.

    It became publicly trendy when the RBL campaigned for it in 2005 and when the Press picked up on it.

    This country has always undervalued its servicemen and failed to support its ex servicemen.

    I would be interested to know the context in which you were taught it.
  12. “What other profession organises and cares for its men with the same degree of concern for their education, welfare and future prospects as does the Army.”

    GR Glieg, Chaplain General of the Forces
  13. Cameron is a ****...............HM Forces , Lions, led by *****.
    Clarkson for P.M