Military Covenant to Become Law

Well it's about time isn't it?
"The present covenant is a moral obligation rather than an agreement enforceable in law, acknowledging that troops and their families should be entitled to “fair treatment” and terms and conditions of service commensurate with the sacrifices that they make. A new covenant will be given legal force by an Armed Services Bill."
It would be good to confirm the covenant in law and hopefully get a better deal for servicemen and women.
Be nice to think something similar to the USA's GI bill would follow.
An Aussei vet I spoke to the other weeks was gobsmacked that UK vets did not have the provision of First Call on UK Medical services as a basic Right.

It is one thing to incorporate it into domestic law, it is quite another to word its provisions with sufficient clarity, precision and certainty to provide enforceable rights at the suit of the convenantee beyond a mere 'right to request'.

Believe nothing you hear from any government until it materialises together with this promise!
just read the first report on how the coallition intend to tackle this issue and some of the measures they are considering would appear to be good news. Don't know if you can access the link outside of Dii but it's here:

What strikes me as ****ing weird is that there is no-one from the military who sit on the Task Force - to a man they are all stinking civvies and I question the rationale in not including someone on the team who can turn around and tell them when something is "a big pile of wanky shit" or conversely when something is a "****ing cracking idea".

Looked at the proposals around housing etc and that would have got "a big pile of wanky shit" and also looked at the ideas about education etc which would be "a ****ing cracking idea".

On the whole a bit of a mixed bag and in all honesty I reckon a lot of it is hot air, piss and vinegar and a whole host of empty promises which rely too heavily on private money and won't ****ing work!

Given the current set of rumours doing the rounds I want **** all to do with the Army anymore - it's ****ing shit!!
It's a bit like the British Constitution really. It is un-written therefore a little vague and open to interpretation and provided sensible people are in charge then it tends to work pretty well. Once you go down the line of writing down rights and entitlements you end up with a dog's breakfast like the European Convention on Human Rights. It is then in black and white, people want their rights and the lawyers have a field day.
Seems like much ado about nothing. It will no doubt cost a huge chunk of money but will things really change? I doubt it.
What goods a 'covenant' anyway when they are constantly hacking away at the military itself?

IMO The Americans are unparalleled on this 'looking after the military' business. I mean, they have 5 different holiday resorts dedicated to catering to military families, including 1 at disney land Florida......... Here you'd be lucky to get dumped in Skegness by mini bus with nothing but a poncho and a tin of something inedible made in a country that no longer exists. They also have a great website called

One of the most disappointing things reading through this is that they seem to be making a lot of recommendations on how members of the armed forces should be treated, none of which will be enforceable.

For instance in one section they say that local authorities should be able to decide best how it should honour it's commitments to local servicemen.
I did a lot of work with SSAFA in the last year and a bit and I can categorically say that (at least in the midland areas) if you have been in the military, either former or currently serving OR widowed from- You would have better luck getting blood from stones than you would getting help or money from some of these local authorities. They have a nearly universal belief that because you have served your country that you are not their problem.

Under "citizenship or citizenship plus?" they regard giving hearing aids free of charge to injured veterans as 'special treatment'- I don't know about you but I certainly don't consider that to be anything 'special', the idea that helping troops with injuries received in service is special treatment, I find quite appalling.

Special treatment would surely encompass things like having a second home bought and furnished by the taxpayer wouldn't it?

They then decide that the armed forces shouldn't get special treatment across the board. OK, perhaps it wouldn't be fair to give them each a Caribbean island but how about preferential ticket buying opportunities for national sporting events or writing into law a 10% forces discount card, something like that?

The housing stuff doesn't really seem like they have much of a handle on it at all.
If it is made law, then someone needs to keep a close eye on what is proposed, as the politicians are bound to try to water it down if they see any commitments being made that are potentially open ended. I don't trust them, I never have.
The repellent oaf and hopeless failure Brown is reputed to have said he would 'take the military down a peg or two'.

Why would this misfit feel obliged to do this? Possibly because he knew he could never aspire to being promoted to Lance Corporal or above.

Can any Arrsser here present, who has SERVED, imagine Brown in any Establishment post in any unit of any cap-badge?

The Army copes well with 'odd-balls', many serve with great distinction, but the repugnant and disastrously incompetent Brown would never fit in anywhere. Yet, due to the vagaries od democracy, this mewling incontinent twerp, rose like that arrogant turd we have all observed, to be Her Majesty's prime minister (not by popular vote of course) and was thus able to wreak his policies of envy, spite and malice upon Her Majesty's Armed Forces and the Army in particular.

If the sack of rubbish was to be assassinated, I would dance a jig that would shame a merry and inebriated pig!

Brown, and his immediate predecessor the equally awful Blair, are the two men who have all but brought Britain to its knees - Napoleon tried; the mad Kaiser tried; the evil Hitler tried; they all failed, but the 'Blair Brown Terror' has practically succeeded.

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