Military Covenant To Be Enshrined In Law......................

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FourZeroCharlie, May 13, 2011.

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  1. .......well, that's what the Beeb is saying: just airing on BBC News 24.

    Oh, and here is the first linky Military covenant to be made law - Telegraph

    Military covenant to be made law

    The military covenant – the nation’s promise that troops will be cared for in return for the sacrifices they make – will be recognised in law for the first time under plans to honour the “unique service” given by members of the Armed Forces and their families.

    Now, is that the unmistakeable sound of back-peddling I can hear? It should be interesting to see the detail.
  2. Very interesting as no one seems to ever know exactly what it means.
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  3. If Cameron is delivering this announcement, it will be long winded hollow promises galore that in reality will mean next to nothing.

    Come to think of it, when has any ministerial leader had the welfare of veterans at the top of their agenda?

    We can only hope that this proves not to be yet another sick political P.R stunt.
  4. Flying pigs seen over Westminster
  5. Lets see if they can drag this out for long enough so that it never even gets to the House of Lords.
  6. Whereas if that **** Milliband (you know the one who****ed over his own brother to get his job) came out with it, it'd be gold plated and magically workable? Of course its a political stunt all policies are, thats one of the problems with democracy you have to be constantly tell the electorate what you're doing for them as loudly as possible otherwise they tend to forget to vote for you.
  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    2 Year pay freeze
    5 year rolling redundancies (with no forecast of eligibility beyond the current one)
    Continual erosion of T&C
    Imminent end to final salary pension
    Yup, sounds like honouring the unique service we give...
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  8. Will it include better married quarters?
  9. I think 'napier' sums it up.

    Let us believe 'it' and welcome 'it' when 'it' becomes reality.
  10. Absolute bollocks

    Part of the so-called covenant includes a promise to treat soldiers fairly; I don't believe any serving soldier in the entire Army can claim they've always been treated fairly
  11. Phrases such as 'treat soldiers fairly' can't be taken seriously as they don't spell out exact terms and conditions. The army have treated us fairly throughout the years - compared to Jihadists and rapists, etc. What is 'Fair'?
  12. Is it time bound do we think? I mean, can we look at particular events in previous years? There's an RAF dentist I've got a grudge for from the 80's at Wilders. Oh, and a troop staffie from Catterick that shouted at me quite meanly just because we disagreed on what neat and tidy meant concerning hair.
  13. I wonder if the RBL will finally get out of the shadows and start kicking up a public stink.
    They are supposedly leading on this subject, trying to get a legal obligation for the Military Covenant to be enshrined in law.
    Time for them to get out of the shadows and upset CMD and the Treasury, hopefully keeping the general populace on side too.
  14. Patrick Mercer MP just made a woopsie (I think) while being interviewed on TV about the Covenant. To paraphrase: We (HM Forces) have been at war now for 10 years, first in Iraq now in Afghanistan and Pakistan...

    Pakistan? News to me.

    Also, as HM forces are now all Covenanters does this mean that the Cameronians can come out of deep-freeze?