Military covenant questionnaire - 2 minutes of your time

I appreciate that we are all busy and sick to the back teeth of questionnaires but I am after a bit of help with my resettlement training at Uni.

If any of the ARRSE members could spare me two minutes of their time to complete an online questionnaire could you please copy and paste the link below and go to the website and follow the instructions.

It genuinely does take 2 minutes.

Thanks in advance.

Much appreciated.
Thanks to everyone who has read my post and responded ............fantatsic.

Please try the link again:

For Prince Albert again sorry and I understand your response, that was why I started the post the way I did.

I am genuinely in my last 11 months in a singleton post and have been using the site for about 6 years but have never felt the need to register or post previously.

I normally just read the jokes and lmao.

If anyone would like written confirmation of my status and the details of my Uni sponsor before they respond then please PM me.

Thanks again.

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