Military Coup

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ericferret, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Should the book

    "How to stage a military coup from planning to execution"
    by Hebditch and Connor, 2005.

    be compulsory reading for all serving army officers in the current climate?

    :twisted: :D :twisted: :D
  2. The reasons why army officers might want to read it, ought to be compulsory thinking for our elected representatives.

    It is quite an amusing read, though, isn't it?
  3. Could it be though that the reason Brown keeps our military in such a parlous state is precisely because he fears a coup?
  4. Just finished reading it, it says "remember this should not be tried at home" in the first chapter.

  5. Can you get it in large print with pictures for some of them please. :twisted:
  6. FFS, I was wondering where to sign my name up when I saw the title of this thread.
  7. You may have trouble getting your people covertly passed the DPG into Downing Street at the beginning of the coup. I can provide numerous police vehicles for this purpose, PM me for details.

    All I ask is that I be made commish in return.

  8. You'll be telling me next that the gates can stop a Chally 2, why be covert... :wink:
  9. Have we got any Challenger 2 left on the road, would we have to pay the inner London toll charge.
  10. Wasn't there some sort of coup plot in the 1970s when Harold the Red was our Prime Minister and spent more time in Moscow than in London? I believe the plotters got as far as deploying troops to Heathrow.

    Just dig out the old plans and blow the dust off them.
  11. Military coup?


    May Cherie B*liar be the first to swing from a lamppost.

    Followed by drug-dealing scum.

    And Abu Hamza.
  12. Wilson Coup
  13. Yes, yes you would.
  14. Quartz Quartz Quartz
  15. It's a cunning plan that might just work. :wink: