Military Coup Under way in Egypt (2013)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Egypt's Morsi Fights On As Army Deadline Passes

    A military coup is reportedly under way in Egypt after an army deadline for a resolution to the country's political crisis elapsed amid rival protesters out in force on the streets of Cairo.

    President Mohamed Morsi, sworn in around a year ago, was given until around 5pm (4pm BST) to act on the ultimatum to "meet the demands of the people" or face military intervention.

    The army, which has entered the presidential palace as well as state TV buildings in Cairo to monitor content in the station's newsroom, could dissolve parliament and take control of the country.

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  2. Err, that's basically what happened last time a bunch of chaps went ape in Tahrir, military assisted regime change. So we are back to a Junta again in Cairo, plus ça change.
  3. I told you so.

    *Not directed at anyone in particular or even necessarily ARRSErs. Just generally.
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  4. Bloody democracy - can't live with it, can't live withou.... oh err!

    What's this going to be called Arab Spring II, Arab Autumn, Arab Normality?
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  5. Just arabs being arabs, so arab normality. Or maybe islam normality

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  6. The Army oppose the islamification by Muslim Brotherhood, rather like in Turkey they defend the secular state. Nasty those military dictatorships aren't they!?
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  7. Morsi - I preferred him when he was fronting The Smiths.
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  8. Aye, Syria is having the same problem and we and the yanks seem to be stupidly supporting the islamic rebels. I wonder who we will be supporting in this case

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  9. The "Democartic" government has only been in palce for a year. Give it a chance FFS, and vote him out in the next election.
    I don't know how much the Islam Bro's won by, but that was the first free election in a dogs age in Egypt.

    To oust him early smacks of being a trifle un-fair. They might mess the country up, but that is the price of Democracy. We should know.
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  10. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    thats nice .
  11. One to watch.. If it kicks off big time it could close the Suez Canal.

    If that happens make sure that if you need to panic fill you panic fill before anyone else.

  12. 51.7% of the (poorly attended) vote. Still , should be viewed as a success story.

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  13. Well one of the reasons he's been cut lose by the army brass in Cario is he called for a Syrian jihad supporting the same folks as us. Promote a chap in Luxor who was rather keen on killing tourists back in the day may not have been prudent either.

    The Saudis were always out to thwart the MB but they basically done it to themselves. Remarkable degree of political incompetence from the MB, the Egyptian equivalent of the Tories. You might compare this very unfavorably with sleekit HA in Lebanon playing off post civil-war factions or the AKP in Turkey.