Military coup bangkok

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_ho, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. uncle_ho

    uncle_ho Guest

    breaking News on Sky.
    tanks at government house Bangkok.Could be a military coup.
    No link as yet
  2. Who cares, hopefully they will use all those ladyboys as targets!. Me love you long time, me so horny, 5 baht and your friend too. :D
  3. uncle_ho

    uncle_ho Guest

  4. Is JonWilly barricaded into his Gentlemen's club with a fine malt and his .455 to hand?

    Hopefully this isn't serious, but we await reports from Thailand.......
  5. PotYos

    PotYos Old-Salt

  6. Funny I had that image in my head too, a kind of cross between Carry on up the Khyber/Zulu and the evacuation of the US embassy at Saigon.
  7. Nibbler

    Nibbler Old-Salt

    It makes me rather sad: must be nice to have a military large enough to even contemplate a coup... Do you suppose 'a harrier', or whatever their equivalent is, will be used in support?
  8. Thai Army Television was broadcasting till about 5 minutes ago....

    Now playing patriotic Thai music :(
  9. Come on guys, is this really worth the thread space. Charlie Kennedy spoke at the lib dems conference sober!! now thats breaking news :)
  10. PotYos

    PotYos Old-Salt

    18th coup in 70 or so years, perhaps MM is right?

  11. Anyone know where Mark Thatcher is right now???

  12. Yes.

  13. Thailand...... in a tank!
  14. I thought he was in Vietnam?

    Good old Mark , lost again.
  15. Taz_786

    Taz_786 LE

    Good news....I think all countries should be under military rule from time to time.