Military communities are the new super garrissons......apparently

Just when you got used to the idea of super garrissons.....were now being told its all about military communities, (same idea, different name??), all to do with the coalition governments Big Society thingy....and to be based on the Navy set up where apparently more than half of them own their own house (cos their based there for the length of service, similar to how the military communities will operate) and the MOD bill for housing is a lot lower than for the army or air force. Many cynics have already pointed to the start of the run down in offering housing as a matter of course..... not me of course! like the man says were all in this together.....


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Will it work? Probably not - with out a sea change in attitudes. The matelot system of permanent bases looks ok, but then how often does a sailor's family accompany him on an overseas tour? I suspect there may be another agenda here, perhaps the death of the long tour overseas, and the introduction of many more 6/9/12 month tours for Army units.

Strikes me as another example of change for change's sake .... and of course the possiblity of 'efficiency savings' .......ermmmmmmmmmmmm cuts!
Actually, I suspect the whole thing is linked to the quite biblical savaging and reorganisation that is about to happen to Defence Estates.

They've been told to lose - I think - about 30% of their manpower and still provide the same service (I know - what service?). Because manpower, and not overall costs, have been the driver. In consequence, they're now going to contract out everything - including the managing of other contracts - to contractors, leaving a skeleton staff of public servants to manage huge chunks of the Defence Estate. These chunks are called "Defence Communities", and can incorporate huge areas, and will be looked after by up to 8 civil servants.

Unsurprisingly (and inevitably), this will eventually result in a nett increase in costs, as each new layer of contractor skims off a management fee, and the civil servants and military who actually want a good estate get less involved in the management of the estate. I have tried to raise the subject of Value for Money when the opportunity presents itself, but the DE CoC are just not interested.

It's a short sighted, bark-at-the-moon mad way of doing things, but it's what happens when people (politicians)say "cut your staff" instead of "cut your costs".

The Infra budgets are enormous, and the manpower component is small. Cutting the manpower will only ensure that the Infra budgets are spent in a worse, less effective fashion.
I love all this short term thinking our governments are so fond of.

Save a penny today, spend a pound tommorrow. Simples.

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